Belle of Louisville

Louisville, KY

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Address: Louisville Riverwalk, Louisville, KY 40202, USA Number: 866 832-0011 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Cruises are SO much fun, and they are even more fun when you are on a historic 1914 steamboat! The Belle of Louisville is a beautiful and historic steamboat that offers tours along that iconic Mississippi River. Want to hear something impressive? It's actually the USA's true last Mississippi River steamboat that is still in operation!

There is so much history in this one boat, that you can't not enjoy a tour and not learn all about her history. Did you know that The Belle of Louisville is actually the oldest operating Mississippi River-style steamboat in the entire world?

Another fun fact! Her original name was actually Idlewild, and she was designed to be a ferry. Luckily  for you and your family now, you can enjoy fun and fascinating tours as you take in the amazing city of Louisville!

Cruises are perfect for all families - whether you are from Louisville or a visitor to the city. You will always come away with some new knowledge about this amazing Kentucky city.

If you just want to enjoy a cruise where you learn all about the history of the boat and the area, there are regular sightseeing cruises that you can enjoy. If you want to treat yourselves to a little something more special, why not try the lunch or dinner cruises? Not only do you experience all that you would on a sightseeing cruise, but you get to fill your tummies with really delicious foods!

Kids - get those captain hats on, because you get to take to the waters for a fun family excursion on the Mississippi River!  Full steam ahead!


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$16- $46 (Over 13 years)



$10 - $29 (Ages 3 to 12)



Senior discounts


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The Wharf has a parking lot at 129 River Road.

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There is a concession cafe where you can pick up things to eat, or if you have a lunch or dinner cruise - it's buffet time!

Healthy Eating You can't bring your own food or drink, but there are healthy snacks on the boat

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They offer a unique field trip option for students! It's a National Historic Landmark, and you can either book a full charter, or you can call and talk about group visits.

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The Belle has an elevator for wheelchairs and there is access on the Ballroom.

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Cruise departure times vary so check when booking

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