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Did you ever think that heading to the mall would land you in the LARGEST indoor amusement park in the WORLD!?

Welcome to Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall!

Galaxyland has over 24 amazing rides and play areas for kids of all ages, so what are you waiting for!

With 10 beginner rides, 12 intermediate rides and a cool 5 advanced rides, there really is something for everyone!

Those little ones will have a ball on their kiddie rides. They can scale to new heights in the Balloon Race, or shoot up into space on the Galaxy Raceway. There is even the classic and charming carousel to take them around and around!

As the kids get older they can enjoy the next level of rides. The spooky haunted house and classic fun house are always a favourite, and with dragons, ropes, quests and cosmic spinners, your family day out suddenly turns into an adventurous one!

And then there are the advanced rides, other wise known as the THRILLING rides! We'll leave these a secret, but with names like Space Shot, Mindbender, and Galaxy Orbitor, you can guess what you will be about to experience!

So why not change up your shopping with some fun rides, play areas and lots of family fun!

Who knew shopping was so much fun!?

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How much does it cost?



$40.50 All Day Ride Pass



$32.40 All Day Ride Pass (Under 48")



Special promotions for Toddler Time and weekdays


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They have smarte carte lockers for your things if you want

Any top tips?


Can you have a birthday party? You sure can! They have party rooms, and fun party packages for you to choose from!

I'm Hungry!


There are concessions in the park, from doughnuts, to Dippin' Dots, to snacks and treats!

Healthy Eating There are PLENTY of places in the mall and surrounding area to grab food, so why not enjoy something before or after your visit if you want something slightly more healthy

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Where is it at?

Can I get one of those?


They have redemption prize centres so the better you do, the more you can take home!

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Baby Facilities

They have a family change room in the park

When can we go?

10am/12pm open, 6pm - 9pm close. Check before you go

All year round

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