Surfers Paradise, QLD

Where are we going?

192/2-28 Cavill Ave
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

07 5538 8008

What is there to do?

Picture yourself sitting behind the wheel of a true racing car. The smell of the engine, the cheer of the crowd. The lights are about to change.

Drivers...start your engines!

Welcome to Racecentre: Australia's Most Advanced Racing Simulation Centre!

Racecentre offer super fun and dynamic racing experiences for kids, and even the whole family  where you can race against each other in custom built full-motion, surround screen and surround sound simulators!

You can experience what it's really like in to be in the drivers seat (but it's totally safe!). Race on your own or race against each other!

When you arrive, you will realise that a session at Racecentre is a pretty heart-pumping intense experience! You take time to learn the track, in order to decrease your lap times. (They recommend sessions of about an hour to really get a handle on how the track is laid out and needs to be handled)

You pick your car, and also what stage of the track you want to race on. After your briefing, you can ask any questions before they learn your prior experience. Don't worry if you have never driven before, you are in good hands and very welcome!

Then comes your practice round - don't worry too much if you are more spills than thrills at first, that's perfectly normal!

Then comes your qualifying round, and then, the FINAL RACE! You have been working towards this one chance to make it count! Don't let those nerves win out - you can do it!

The experience is set to dramatically change the way you interact with motorsport, as there are only a handful of professional racing simulation centres open to the public around the world and now Australia can boast one of its own!

Racecentre is designed to give drivers the most realistic racing experience possible. You have the option to choose any car, from any track, worldwide!

Whilst there is no lower age limit, drivers have to be able to reach the pedals and the steering wheel at the same time, respond to the simulators movements and be alert for other vehicles, so younger drivers may struggle with this. The seat can move forward and backward like a normal vehicle, but they remind visitors that these simulators are not arcade games.

Their software reflects accurate driving conditions, and a younger driver is less likely to respond appropriately to the feedback the simulator is giving, and will not necessarily gain a sense of achievement from the experience, so please apply consideration before booking.

Above all, have a great time! A really unique and exhilarating experience you can enjoy alongside your whole family. 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $50 for 30 mins, $80 for an hour.

Children: $50 for 30 mins, $80 for an hour.


Need a little extra help?

Racecentre are usually able to cater for drivers with disabilities and special needs. Many drivers in the past who have been in wheelchairs have commented what a fantastic experience they had. Pedal controls can be altered so they are controlled on the wheel. It's best to give them a call before you book and discuss your individual needs just in case.


When can we go?

Give them a call to book your time.


Any top tips?

Remember, these are the actual simulators that professional racing drivers use, so it's not child's play! They will expect kids to take it pretty seriously.

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