Daintree River Wildlife Cruise

Lower Daintree, QLD

Where are we going?

Daintree River Wildlife Cruise
1 Cape Tribulation Rd
Lower Daintree QLD 4873

7 40987131

What is there to do?

What better way for the family to spend the day than with...crocodiles? Wait...are we sure? Yes!

Daintree River Wildlife Cruise is a fascinating and fun solar electric boat ride out in tropical Queensland. It's also a great way to teach kids about the environment and how easy it is to have eco-friendly adventures!

The boat is free from noise, fumes, and smell, so it's not only better for the environment and all the animals that live in this area, but it's also great for YOU!

Spend the day cruising through the rainforest, and really get the kids close to nature. It's so much fun to try and spot what creatures are hiding in the forest! You can spot snakes, frogs, fish, beautifully colourful birds, and of course - Crocs!

As we know, crocs are pretty good at hiding themselves in the water and banks, so the boat has a "Croc Cam" which has a 99% success rate at spotting those sneaky creatures!

Your guide with Daintree River Wildlife Cruises just focuses the camera on the animals, which lets you then check them out via an onboard screen. Then you can pop your head out to try and check out where the animal is, and see if you can spot them with your own eyes!

Really - the camera are just communal binoculars. They can really show you the animals - right up close to the eyes, the texture and yes...even the teeth! (Eek!)

The tours depart 6 times a day, and last for just over an hour, so it's perfect for those smaller kids with a slightly shorter attention span.

Are you ready to have an eco-friendly fun time with Daintree River Wildlife Cruises!?  Oh, don't forget your camera - you will want to get SNAPPING! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $25

Children: $11 (Ages 4 - 15)

Free Under: 3 years.

Family Deals: 2A + 2C $60


When can we go?

There are 6 tours a day, starting at 9:30am and last tour 3:30pm.


Any top tips?

They can't guarantee wildlife sightings, but the croc cam is 99% successful and even better in low tide, so if you want to really make sure, just check which tours coincide with these times.

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