The best places to visit with children

Attention all parents with those little Aussie kids! Are you looking for some really great ideas to take the kids and the family for an exciting day out? Then you’re in the right place!

Family Days Out is where you need to be to find all the fun and family friendly places to go with kids!

From weekends away in spring, to those days out in winter, we have a whole range of ideas listed just for you!

Perhaps the kids want to escape the heat at a splash-tastic water park? Or learn about fun historical events at a museum? Every attraction on Family Days Out is listed by category (And each theme has their very own fun colour), so you can easily find what you are after.

Fancy visiting some art galleries or getting creative with craft activities? No problem! Want to spend the day with some super cute animals at a zoo? Just say where! Ready to explore the great outdoors? When do you start!

From indoor play, activities for those active kids, thrilling theme parks, and even birthday party ideas, you will be sure to find the perfect activity for your family (yes - adults you'll have fun too!)

So start exploring Family Days Out, and see what great activities this land down under has to offer. You will come across areas of this great country that will surprise you, as well as uncover those hidden gems that are right on your doorstep!

Have a great day out!

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  • Listing recently added attraction type of museum

    Western Australian Museum Albany

    Kids of all ages can explore the exhibits and programs covering the unique natural and social history of the Western Australian region at this great Albany museum.

  • Listing recently added attraction type of historical

    Brig Amity

    Explore a replica of the historic 1826 Big Amity ship that sailed from Sydney, and into Western Australia with the very first settlers!

  • Listing recently added attraction type of historical

    Old Farm Strawberry Hill

    Visit the oldest farm in Western Australia, and see what life was like in the 1800s for those who lived there!

  • Listing recently added attraction type of historical

    Albany Convict Gaol

    Kids can explore the 19th century gaol cells and warder's quarters at this historic Gaol Museum, with guided and night tours available too!

  • Listing recently added attraction type of museum

    National Anzac Centre

    Visit the past at this Albany centre that honours the Anzacs of the First World War.