National Parks / Natural World Near Me in South Dakota

We all know it. South Dakota is a beautiful state. In fact, it could be one of the MOST beautiful, and lucky for you, you can get out there and explore it!

State parks, national parks, and iconic national monuments. Take your pick, it's all out here in the Badlands.

You can't start your outdoor adventure without mentioning Mount Rushmore. The most iconic site of the state, and it's all set in stunning landscapes with great educational experiences for the kids. Custer State Park is right next door, too!

Badlands National Park offers nearly 225,000 acres of stunning rock formations, an area once roamed by sabre-tooth tigers, and Lake Hiddenwood State Park is jam packed with history as well as the results of melting glaciers.

Are you excited about the great outdoors and natural wonders of South Dakota yet? You should be, so let's grab those hiking boots and get ready for an adventure!


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