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Aulavik National Park

Banks Island, NT

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Aulavik National Park encompasses a variety of landscapes from fertile river valleys to polar deserts, buttes and badlands, rolling hills, and bold seacoasts. At the heart of Aulavik is the Thomsen River, which offers visitors a chance to paddle one of the continent’s most northerly navigable waterways.

This pristine arctic environment is home to both the endangered Peary caribou and to the highest density of muskoxen in the world. The wildlife and land have supported aboriginal peoples for more than 3,400 years, from Pre-Dorset cultures to contemporary Inuvialuit.

The park is one of the most isolated parks in North America, so facilities are limited. You can paddle through the heart of the park, which is full of wildlife and hundreds of wildflowers all around to make it a beautiful scenic experience. You can also hike through the low arctic tundra and take in the breathtaking views.  

Nothing will prepare you for the midnight light too! At 3am in the morning, you'll be surprised as the sun still shines in the night! Don't forget to snap a picture.

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Chartering an aircraft is presently the most common and practical means of accessing the park. Aircraft charter services are available from Inuvik, on the Northwest Territories mainland, 750 kilometres southwest of the southern park boundary. Inuvik, population 3,450, is the largest community in the region and is serviced by the Dempster Highway and by daily flights from southern Canada.

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Aulavik National Park

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