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Zoos in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania - the birthplace of the USA! With so much history to a book (oh wait, it has!), it's a great place for kids to have a great time with the family AND learn! There are cultural attractions, as well as museums and fun activities like train rides and adventure sports, Pennsylvania is a place where there is certainly something for the whole family!

Here's a quick quiz, what do all the following have in common? Reptiland, Living Treasures, Claws n Paws, and Animaland? They are all fun animal attractions in Pennsylvania perfect for the family to visit!

Pennsylvania is a great state if you want to enjoy some animal fun. It could be a zoo, wildlife park, or aquarium!

Reptiland is great for those kids who LOVE all the scale covered gentle giants, from pythons, cobras and mamabas. They might prefer saying to hi animals from all over the world in that classic zoo experience, such as Philadelphia Zoo or Erie Zoo. 

It's horses galore at Land of Little Horses, or those flying feathered friends at National Aviary! Of course, let's not forget about exploring under the oceans at Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.

Whatever you decide, there are beautiful animal encounters and learning experiences right across the state, so you just have to decide what to visit first. It's a WILD family day out for all ages!

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The Keystone State

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