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Planning your Trip to Pennsylvania

Looking for somewhere to take the kids on vacation? Pennsylvania is bursting at the seams with fun things to do for the whole family. Whether you love going on long hikes, taking an adventure through a national park or attending a sports event, Pennsylvania is a kid-friendly place to visit. 

Pennsylvania is not only part of the Appalachian, Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania has lots of different sides to visit. Boasting beautiful countryside and glorious farmland, breath-taking mountains and crystal-clear lakes.

Pennsylvania has everything from Amish Farms, state parks, ghost towns and wonderful gardens to explore. There is plenty to do with kids in Pennsylvania.

Visiting Pennsylvania with kids makes the perfect getaway. With so much to do and explore, families, flock to this destination every year. The countryside is glorious and the mountain backdrop provides the most idyllic scenery. Families that love an adventure will love everything this destination has to offer.

Carnegie Science Center 

Here the kiddies will learn so much, everything from rock climbing, sports works, races and history. The science centre features its very own world war II submarines, cinema and Buhl Planetarium.

Knoebels Amusement Park

America's largest free-admission park, meaning everyone gets in for free! Splash in the shimmering pool or spend the day riding the rides.  

Crayola Experience 

Children of all ages will love the Crayola Experience, full of fun and hands-on activities. Make crafts, watch a show or get involved in a Crayola digital experience. 

Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood zoo is home to goats, cougars, capybaras and giraffes. Come face to face with some of your favourite animals. If you would like a bird eyes view of the animals then visit the tree tops where you can also go ziplining. 

Please Touch Museum

Visit the Please Touch Museum and immerse yourself in an exhibition that allows you to touch the exhibits. This two-story museum boasts lots of fun things to do from an old-century carousel or launching a rocket into pretending space. 


Pennsylvania is beautiful. Home to some of the country's richest history and culture and picturesque scenery. 

The Appalachian Mountains stand victorious in their splendor. The state has over 120 state parks, with over 100 miles of beautiful coastline. A varied selection of towns with their very own character. Families that enjoy history and understanding the local culture will enjoy visiting any of the neighborhoods in Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania is a great place to visit with the kids. Families that love an adventure (and children age depending) can enjoy surfing and skydiving and much more. 

You can also enjoy something more relaxing with the little ones, such as walking in one of the many beautiful parks or swimming in the lakes. There are so many attractions to choose from that will keep the kids entertained. The parents can sit back and relax whilst the kids get involved in the local activities. 

Listed below are the top 3 neighbourhoods to visit:

Amish Farms, Lancaster

Pennsylvania is one of the last few countries in the world where you get to see real Amish communities. Many Danish communities in Pennsylvania are known for having their idyllic farms that date back to the 18th century. There is a heritage centre museum to visit that has a unique collection of ancient culture. If you’re a family that loves history then be sure to visit Lancaster.


Bushkill falls are often called the Niagara of Pennsylvania. Bushkill has 8 beautiful waterfalls that are present in the Pocono Mountains. This makes a perfect destination for families with kids. You can try fishing, riding boats and wonderful walks through the countryside. There is also a lovely trail of pond streams to paddle in. When the stream falls into the 100-foot cliff it provides a striking view! If you’re a family that loves to take pictures of your adventures be sure to take a picture and capture the beauty. Bushkill is famous for its natural beauty. 

Susquehanna River Valley

Susquehanna River Valley ranks fourth in the world for its production of wines. Not only are the areas beautiful but it boasts some beautiful vineyards where you can try the local wine. There is plenty of walks around the area that will keep the little ones entertained and the adults can try a little bit of local wine. Families that love the great outdoors would enjoy visiting Susquehanna River Valley. 

The best months to visit are between May and September. When you can experience warm pleasant weather and limited rainfall. 

The average temperature reaches 27 degrees in July and -1 in January, this makes packing the right clothing rather easy if you visit during the right season. 

Pennsylvania experiences a humid climate with hot and humid summers and very cold winters. Pennsylvania is the key state and part of the Mid-Atlantic and North East states of America. This influences the weather in Pennsylvania. The Appalachian Mountains divide the state into two different parts where often the weather can be very different. The western part is cooler than the east and is snowier and rainier in Lake Erie. 

There are lots of resorts that offer so much for families, including indoor water parks, skiing, horseback riding and organised children's activities. You can also find everything you desire for food choices. Stay in one of the many mountainous resorts or reside in the beautiful countryside. Pennsylvania has everything to offer to make your vacation with kids a memorable experience.

Listed below are our top 3 hotels to stay in that suit all budgets and offer everything to help make your trip more memorable and better choice for kid-friendly activities as well as entertainment for the parents. 

Pennsylvania’s resorts offer a lot of choices for families, including skiing adventures, indoor water parks, organized children’s activities and horseback riding. These activities make vacations easy and stress-free. Pennsylvania’s resorts also provide delicious food, comfortable accommodations and a variety of activities in settings that offer breath-taking mountain views--everything you need to make your family vacation in Pennsylvania memorable

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

This is the ultimate resort destination. Rightfully earning its AAA Five Diamond rating for lodging and climbing. Families can experience a day in the wildlife academy or visit the petting zoo and equestrian centre. 

You can do everything at this resort from hiking, golfing, mountain biking, climbing, zip challenges, archery, tennis, volleyball and many more. 

The resort features over 2000 acres of accommodation and guests can enjoy their very own suite or private rental home. This resort is on the expensive side but worth every penny. 

Woodloch Resort

The Woodloch Resort offers an all-inclusive package for families. The resort offers outdoor activities, Broadway-style shows and delicious food.

Resort packages include three meals a day and all the activities are included. Typical rooms include a private balcony and there are also fully furnished rooms available. Woodloch resort was featured in both Patents Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens and recognised as an excellent family resort.

Skytop Lodge

Skytop Lodge is a historic resort that sits on 5000 acres of the Pocono Mountains. Families can enjoy a hike around the grounds that feature 30 miles of trails. You can also enjoy kayaking, lawn bowling and rock climbing. 

This hotel is perfect for an adventurous family. Mum and Dad can enjoy the golf course whilst the kids play in the kids club onsite.


Pennsylvania is famous for its food, and they take it very seriously!

Some of the specialities include the famous Philly sandwich which consists of a cheesesteak stuffed in a crusty roll. Or the tomato pie covered in parmesan. 

Try the salty pretzels or butterscotch krimpets. 

Listed below are some of our top favourites that are popular with the kids. 

Roast Pork Sandwich 

The Roast Pork Sandwich is a regional Italian American dish. Tender roast pork shoulder shopped and layered with provolone cheese and covered with garlicky sautéed broccoli. A sure winner with the kids. 


This famous snack is known globally but there is nothing quite like the Philly pretzel. This buttery delight can be enjoyed either sweet or savoury. Pretzels are the go-to snack for the little ones. Treat them to this delicious treat after a day of adventures. 

Tomato Pie

Made with focaccia dough and fresh tomato sauce, this pie is oozing with tastiness. Sprinkle some Romano cheese and have either cold or warm, the tomato pie has been going since 1924 and has become a staple dish in many households in Pennsylvania. 

Goldenberg Peanut Chews

This quintessential confectionary has been around since 1890. The dense bar of nuts and syrup is available throughout the region and is very popular with kids that have a sweet tooth. 


This is the signature dish that comes stuffed with fresh meats, vegetables and cheese, the quality of the ingredients is key. Kids of all ages love the rolled sandwich. These can be found in many bakeries across the East Coast. 

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