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Brewer, ME

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Address: 510 Wilson St, Brewer, ME 04412, USA Number: 207-989-9989 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Kids, we KNOW you have all of that energy that you just need to use up - so why not head to a place where it's ALL about getting active, having fun, and challenging yourself!

Xtreme Adventures is a specially designed high ropes course that provides fun and excitement for you, your friends, and family. It's where you can do things you never thought you could do, and accomplish pretty amazing feats!

The course has over 40 obstacles that are up to 40 ft. in the air - but make sure you look down - there is a whole new world to see!

The courses are filled with great obstacles to challenge even the most brave. There are rope bridges, tight ropes, cargo nets, hanging vines, floating beams and many more - if that wasn't enough for you!

Each course uses a slightly different "skill set". They start of fairly easy, and get increasingly more challenging as the course progresses. This means even the littlest of kids can give it a try, and then work their way up the courses as they increase in confidence, ability and strength!

Along with the obstacles, Xtreme Adventures has a 35 ft. giant swing and zip lines! Amazing! The zip lines include a mini zip on the ground which is within the course that's designed for the little ones. The other zip lines are dual zips that zip out into the woods and then another dual zip that will bring you back to the course!

For those kids who need a little support, Xtreme Adventures offers the Buddy System, where kids can climb with someone to support them.

Aerial fun in Maine for those active families - let's get climbing!


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$45 for the full course



$29 - $39 for full course


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Reservations are strongly recommended!

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Even though they operate in light rain or showers, they do close in severe weather so if you have any doubts just call ahead!

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Healthy Eating It's always a great idea to take a bottle of water, and small healthy snacks in a backpack for the kids. They will need the energy!

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Teachers corner


They offer team building experiences - great for the students!

Need a little extra help?


You do need to be physically able to climb, swing and use upper body strength. If you have any questions just give them a call and they will be happy to answer!

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