Wolf Creek Habitat

Brookville, IN

Where are we going?

Wolf Creek Habitat
14099 Wolf Creek Rd
IN 47012

513 312 9143

What is there to do?

Wolves are beautiful creatures, but sometimes they are often portrayed as vicious. Which is not the case! What better way to see how these beautiful animals can really be than to get RIGHT up close with them!

Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue gives families an unforgettable experience right in the company of wolves - and we mean RIGHT in the company! You can actually go into the enclosures and interact with them! But don't worry - they're used to people so it's very safe! 

The wolves are on private property, looked after by loving owners who rescue them and nurse them. What's great, is that these people want to share their wolves with YOU! They are open every weekend, and they don't charge for you to come and experience the wolves, so they really are giving back the joy that they get out of these beautiful creatures. 

For those going into the enclosures, they do ask for a donation to go towards the upkeep of the animals, but it's worth it!

Make sure you follow the guidelines, because they are still wild animals - but beautiful ones! There may even be baby cubs that you can play with! 

Each of the wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat have their own personality and name, which let's kids understand how important it is to look after animals, and that each animal is just really like you or us - they have fears, strengths, and feelings...and it's a really great learning experience for the kids! 

So if you are looking for something different for your family day out, check out Wolf Creek Habitat with these amazing creatures. It’s an eye opening experience for the whole family, and one that you are not likely to forget in a long while! 


How much does it cost?

Adults: $30 suggested donation to interact

Children: $15 (under 10) suggested donation to interact

Discount: Group rates for 10 or more.


Need a little extra help?

In order to go into the enclosure itself you must be able bodied.


When can we go?

Fall and Winter Hours: Weekends only 11am to 5pm. Other seasons vary.

All year round.


Any top tips?

There are strict rules that you must follow if you want to visit the animals in the enclosure, so make sure you read them before you go and then you will have a fun, and safe, time!

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