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Strickers Grove

Hamilton, OH

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Address: 11620 OH-128, Hamilton, OH 45013, USA Number: 513 521-9747 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Sometimes you have to plan your family day out, and other times you have to REALLY plan your family day out - especially when you get a family theme park that is only open to the public FOUR times a year....but it's worth the wait!

Strickers Grove is a family owned and operated amusement park, which is open on four dates: 4th July, Family Day (the second Sunday in August), Labor Day, and Customer Appreciation Day (October)

But if you're lucky enough to get in on those days, what do you have to expect? Well, the park happens to have rides for all ages! There are two roller coasters too which you can get your thrills on. The Tornado is a fun wooden coaster that was actually built by Ralph Stricker - who is the ONLY person in the USA to build his own coaster. Pretty cool!

Then there is the Teddy Bear which was originally on Coney Island, and was replicated for Strickers Grove.

But of course there are more than just roller coasters. You can enjoy those classic amusement park rides like the carousel, and the Ferris Wheel, but there are also those favorites such as the Dumbo the Elephant ride where kids can fly through the air, and the half mile train - a nice relaxing adventure for the family.

There are rides that will spin you, and rides that will bounce you, and of course all rides will entertain you!

Did you know that Stricker's Grove also has a number of activities too, such as an 18 hole mini golf course, horseshoes and Miners Town shooting gallery?

The rest of the year it's available to rent for large groups, but for those 4 days a year you can really have a unique family experience!

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From $12 for unlimited rides



Same as adult


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Parking is FREE except for 4th July

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You can purchase the unlimited rides ticket, but you can also buy individual ride tickets for $1.50 a ticket. They are cash only too

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You can pick up fair style food during the events

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If you have special needs, just speak to staff when you arrive to see how they can help you

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Hours vary on each day

4 days a year. Occasionally open additional events

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