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Address: 3027 IN-262, Rising Sun, IN 47040, USA How do we get there? Number: 812 438 2306
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It's always wonderful when you can visit a place really special for your family day out, and when you visit the Red Wolf Sanctuary in Indiana, you will realize this is one of them!

The Red Wolf Sanctuary operates tours and visits by appointment only, so make sure you give them a call before you head on over. However, when you arrive it's certainly worth the phone call!

The sanctuary is all about preserving North American wildlife, and during your visit you can hear all about the animals that call it home. Kids can learn why they are at the sanctuary, about the animals themselves, including their original habitats, and also why it's so important to care for our animals. An important life lesson!

They love to teach future generations all about these creatures, and the vital roles they play in the ecosystem. Did you know that the Red Wolf went down to only 12 surviving animals in the 1970s? But it's because of captive breeding like at the Red Wolf Sanctuary that they made a comeback!

At the Red Wold Sanctuary, you can come face to face with some beautiful creatures, including cougars, coyotes, hawks, owls, raptors and of course, the wolves.

They also ensure that all of the animals have their own spaces to run around, not like some zoos. If you visit the Wild cat Habitat, the cougar alone has an entire football field length to run around in!

So take the kids for an invaluable family day out with some of the most beautiful creatures they will ever see!


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Red Wolf Sanctuary FAQ’s

A non profit, tax deductible organization doing fantastic preservation work!

There are so many places to eat in the area, grab something before you arrive

Dress for mess if it's anything but dry!

Speak to staff when you call about the accessibility of the sanctuary

If you want to help, they love having donations and sponsorship to support the animals wellbeing.

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