Wheel Fun Rentals at Irvine Park

Orange, CA

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Address: Irvine Regional Pk, 1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869, USA Number: 714 997-3636 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Irvine Park is a great park in Orange, California, but what about exploring it in a really fun and unique way?

Wheel Fun Rentals offer a host of bikes that the family can rent out and enjoy around the park, adding that little bit of extra fun to the day!

They have a WHOLE range of bikes that you can choose from. There are those cute kids bikes, or even those stylish cruiser bikes. If you want to enjoy the experience with someone else, why not try a tandem bike!

If you want something a little bit more exciting, Wheel Fun Rentals also have the super cool Quad Sports, as well as the Choppers. Fancy teaming up again? Check out the Deuce Coupe!

For those families who really want that family experience, there are the Surrey's and Double Surrey's, where you can fit the entire family on the golf-cart styled vehicles.

Think the adventure needs to stay on dry land? Nope! Wheel Fun Rentals also have Paddle Boats which are like big floating tractors. You can get out under the sun and explore the beautiful lake within the park!

The park itself is a playground for the family and the bikes you rent out. With 475 acres to explore, complete with paved bike trails, there is easy access to the four softball fields, six (yes SIX!) playgrounds, and even horseshoe pits.

Get ready for a family adventure on wheels at Irvine Park - adventure is calling you!

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Rentals start from $12 per hour



Rentals start from $10 per hour


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Don't forget your sunblock and hats - the sun can get hot!

Any top tips?


Ride your bike along the Horseshoe Trail, as it will give you a great view of the park!

I'm Hungry!


There are food concessions within the park, so why not just ride on over to it to enjoy some tasty lunch!

Healthy Eating Why not bring a picnic and enjoy it in the park! Make sure you bring lots of bottled water to stay hydrated.

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Where is it at?


Wheel Fun Rentals is located inside of Irvine Regional Park.

Need a little extra help?


The roads in the park are paved, and some of the vehicles can carry passengers for those who might not be physically able to pedal themselves

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When can we go?

10am - 4pm daily. 5pm close weekends/holidays from April to Oct

Year round, weather permitting

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