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    All aspects of the Tillamook Forest Center are unique. The location, staff, facilities and theme. The messages of restoration, sustainability, synergism and conservation are presented in an educational experience that reaches every age group. There are vivid examples of natures processes, man’s dependence on forest products and the astounding history of the Tillamook Forest. The evolution of a charred wasteland, caused by the Tillamook Burns, into a sustainable resource we can enjoy today is truly a miracle of interaction between communities, conservationists and the timber industry. This process can be absorbed by visitors through viewing an astonishing movie about the Tillamook Burns and by viewing the numerous displays which chronicle the stages of restoring the forest. From thorough absorption of the interpretive centers’ numerous displays to special presentations by a friendly, knowledgeable staff to a relaxing walk on the groomed trails to a spectacular view from the Wilson River bridge a visit to the Center is a truly remarkable experience that is not duplicated anywhere else. I encourage everyone to make a special effort to visit this very special place.