Swans Island

Richmond, ME

Where are we going?

Swans Island
ME-24 & ME-197
ME 04357


What is there to do?

Swans Island is an escape for any family wanting to spend a day out in nature. 

Start the day with a visit to the 6 standing historic buildings that date back to the 1700s (that's a pretty long time ago!).  Can you spot how they might be different to where you live today?

Lined up along the central island dirt road, these buildings are surrounded by a stunning 18th century historic vernacular landscape.  Here's a cool fact (one of many you will learn when you

The Lobster & Marine Museum is popular with those who love fishing, and the history of the sport. There is a collection of lobster gear over 100 years old, as well as old-time fishing techniques for halibut, swordfish, cod and of course - lobster!  There is also a Natural History Museum located adjacent.

If you want to get active there are miles of fun hiking trails along the eastern and western shorelines that you can enjoy together.  It's also a great way to try and spot all the wildlife that you might see there!  There is also a wildlife viewing tower where you can get some really great views.  

While away the hours on the fine sand beach, taking in the sun. It's best at low tide, and the sandy bottom is popular for kids who want to swim and wade in the cool oceans.

Enjoy the very awesome views from the Hockamock Head Lighthouse which was built in the 1800s, and was actually working until 1974, or get that adrenaline pumping with mountain biking! Just bring your own bike and there are 4 miles of trails for you to turn those gears up on!  There isn't any traffic at all except for two island trucks, so it's a perfect spot for the little kids to learn how to feel comfortable on such bikes. 

If you wanted to extend your family day out to a weekend, they have an overnight campground in a very pretty meadow, with picnic tables and firewood available. 

Don't forget to read up on the history before you go! There is a lot to take in! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $17.50 round trip for ferry

Children: $8.50 round trip for ferry (ages 5 to 12)


Need a little extra help?

Call ahead of time if you want to check the accessibility of the island for wheelchair users, just to be sure.


When can we go?

Dawn to Dusk

May to October


Any top tips?

The round trip vehicle costs are $49.50, which includes the driver. Bicycles are $15 for adults and $8 for kids.

I’m Hungry!

The island has carry in, carry out policies, so feel free to bring your own food and enjoy their picnic spots!

Healthy Eating

It doesn't hurt to always carry water and healthy snacks - its important to stay hydrated!

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