Old Fort Western

Augusta, ME

Where are we going?

Old Fort Western
16 Cony St
ME 04330

207 626-2385

What is there to do?

It's amazing to learn about history when you are actually standing on the site it all happened! Sometimes, you are lucky and the site is incredibly intact - just like the Old Fort Western in Maine! 

This 1754 fort is actually on the National Historic Landmark list, AND is actually New England's OLDEST surviving wooden fort. How cool is that!?

At Old Fort Western there is the fort itself, as asll as the store and the house to see. It's an amazing reminder of the clash of strong cultures that dominated New England about 250 years ago. 

The fort has an amazing history! Did you know that Benedict Arnold himself actually used the fort as a staging point for his attack on Quebec during the Revolution? Just one of the many amazing facts!

Now, the fort is filled with exhibits and collections that can tell the history and stories of this amazing fort. As you read, just remember that everything you are reading happened on the very ground you are walking on!

The store at Old Fort Western is a great example of how life used to be. On the shelves you will actually see items from the 18th century, including the account books and newspaper ads! There are also farming tools used in everyday life, as well as items like tongs, shovels and razors.

The house at the fort will give you an idea of how they lived back in this time. Occupied in the 18th century, the house is actually furnished based on the inventory from 1799 so you can really see exactly what it would have been like. How does it compare to how you live today!?

A historical adventure in Maine - both fun and educational!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10

Children: $6 (Ages 6 to 14)

Discount: Veterans and seniors: $8

Free Under: 6 eyars


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to see how accessible the fort is


When can we go?

10am - 4pm 6 days (closed Tues) - Memorial Day to Labor Day.

All year round. Weekends only Labor Day to Memorial Day


Any top tips?

Allow a couple of hours for the visit

I’m Hungry!

It's best to pick something up before your visit to the fort, in Lafayette itself.

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