Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery

Chesapeake Beach, MD

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Address: 5005 Bayside Rd, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732, USA Number: 240 464-3301 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Let's go surfing now...who's ready for that surfing safari!?

You don't have to be a surfer to enjoy Maryland's ONLY Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery. If you want to experience something different, something creative, or have a love of the ocean, this unique attraction could inspire you.

It's founder Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson has collected items surrounded by the history of surfing for the last 50 years. He has really put together some unique surfing exhibits, which will really introduce kids to not only the sport, but the art world too. 

Some people might not think of surfing as really having a history - but it certainly does! If you are a family who loves learning something new, loves the ocean, or wants to experience something you might not have thought of visiting before. 

The Surf Art Gallery really has some amazing pieces of art, from a whole variety of artists. It's a great talking point for kids where with art, anything is possible!

Of course, all of the art is inspired not only by surfing, but by the beach, and some of the most beautiful surfing spots in the world.  The art not only comes in the form of paintings, but drawings, photographs, and sculptures.

You never know, it might just inspired kids to get creative too!  There are also some pretty cool vintage boards on display, which kids can check out. Kids - how do you think surfers stay on those boards? Certainly a lot of balance helps - so if you want to be a surfer you better get practicing!

The Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery is something different for your family day out, and might even inspire a Kelly Slater or Picasso to appear in the family! 

Surfs Up! 

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The GPS won't get you to the correct place, so look out for the surfboard sign. They are located on the 261 just 3 miles south of Chesapeake Beach.

Any top tips?


If the surf is good, the museum might be closed to make sure you call ahead!

I'm Hungry!


Chesapeake Bay is THE place to get those tasty Maryland foods, so grab something before or after your time at the museum - maybe even on the beach if you're inspired!

Healthy Eating Need we remind you that you're at Chesapeake Bay - there are PLENTY of options for you!

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Where is it at?


The museum is located on Rt 261 about 3 miles south of Chesapeake Beach. Look for the surfboard sign on the inland side (don't go by GPS).

Teachers corner


They do a surf culture class at the museum during times outside of operating hours, so check ahead!

Can I get one of those?


If there is a piece of art work that you are interested in, just ask and see what they say!

Need a little extra help?


If you do have mobility difficulties, just give them a call before hand to see if they have accessibility.

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When can we go?

Open most days via appointment only . Call 240 464 3301 well ahead. The museum is normally closed during the winter between early January and late March

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