Spire Climbing Center

Bozeman, MT

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Address: 13 Enterprise Blvd, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA Number: 406 586 0706 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Rock climbing is a great activity because it keeps you super fit and healthy, but it also gives you that sense of achievement when you have just completed a climb that you weren't able to initially do....and it's so much fun!

Spire Climbing Center really does have something for all ages.  They get little climbers from aged 3, to those still going over 70.  Kids under 3 are welcome but they often have difficulty climbing, but they can play on the padded mats around the climbing walls. 

Each route is color-coded to show the difficulty.  For those advanced climbers, there are overhangs to challenge yourselves on, and for those little ones they can try bouldering where they can stay safely close to the ground. 

If you want to go and train seriously, or have a bit of a play, or even hold your birthday party here, they can accommodate. 

For those climbers aged 5 - 12 they hold After-School Beginning Youth Programs which utilize a combination of instruction and games in a super fun yet structured environment, as well as an Advanced Youth program for those aged 11 - 16. 

For those homeschoolers aged 5 - 16 there is a program specifically designed for you, and even a Preschool Youth program for those aged 3 - 5 where they can be introduced to rock climbing in a fun and importantly safe fashion - as well as lots of fun climbing related games! 

Are you ready to rock it!? 


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How much does it cost?



$16 Day Pass.



$11.50 Day Pass (13 and under)



Students / Multiple Visit passes


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Any top tips?


Gear rental is extra on top of the admission cost.

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Where is it at?


About 1.5 miles SW of Montana State University you'll find the climbing center. From the I-90, get Ext 305 and head South on 19th Ave for just over 4 miles. Past the Kagy Blvd intersection turn right onto Stucky Road. Head west and you will see a large, red building on your left - that's them!

Can I get one of those?


If you just love climbing you can buy all your own climbing gear at their Pro Shop. Otherwise you can just rent from the center. They offer a good priced Beginners Package with everything you need to keep up your climbing skills!

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When can we go?


Summer: Mon 12pm - 10pm / Tues 6am - 8:30am, 12pm - 10pm / Thurs 6am - 8:30am, 12pm - 10pm / Fri 1

4th July 10am - 4pm. Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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