Skyline Lanes

Hermantown, MN

Where are we going?

Skyline Lanes
4894 Miller Trunk Hwy
MN 55811

218 727 8555

What is there to do?

Bowling is always a great family fun staple! Skyline Lanes have open bowling 7 days a week where the whole family can get together and have a little bit of friendly competition and try and get the most strikes on your team! 

The whole family can get involved with ten pin bowling, because those little kids have the added help of bumper bowling, where they will be saved from those dreaded gutter balls! A great way for them to build their confidence before they start with the big kid bowling!

There are also supports for them to roll the balls off just in case they are too heavy for them. So there are no excuses!

Skyline Lanes not only has just open bowling, but also cosmic bowling! This super fun change makes it feel like you're bowling in space, with fluorescent colors and cool lighting! Ten pin bowling with a twist!

And don't forget those Sunday Fundays at Skyline Lanes! With one hour of bowling, pizza, pop, arcade tokens and shoes - why wouldn't you! And that brings us to the arcade - there's an arcade!

If the kids want a break between the games, the arcade is a great way to keep them entertained before the rematches! 

If anyone in the family really take to the game of bowling, there are tournaments and leagues that you can become a part of, and even compete - show off those skills you learnt back in the day when you used to head to Skyline Lanes for the family day out….do you remember those? Oh they were the days!Skyline Lanes is bowling fun all year round (The great thing about an indoor sport!)


How much does it cost?

Adults: From $3.75 / game. Shoes $2.50

Children: From $3.75 / game. Shoes $2.50

Family Deals: Sunday Funday $35.95


Need a little extra help?

If you do have a mobility disability, just give them a call and see how they can help!


When can we go?

9am - 11pm Mon, Tues & Thurs / 9am - 12am Wed & Fri / 4:30pm - 12am Sat / 11am - 12am Sunday

All year round.


Any top tips?

Call ahead if you want to bowl Friday to Sunday because the lanes might be taken with a tournament.

I’m Hungry!

Daves Pizza has an all you can eat buffet Monday to Saturday, as well as normal pizza 7 days!

Healthy Eating

There are kids prices for the all you can eat buffet, which has a salad bar and soup. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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