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    We were just here recently and the kids seemed to enjoy it a lot. The zoo is open all year round which of course limits some exhibits that cannot have certain animals outside during the winter. We saw I’d say 90% of the animals.This zoo is all outdoors with the exception of small butterfly garden during warmer months (about 1/2 the size of York Wild Animal Kingdom). You’ll do a bit of walking here but feel it’s a lot more open for the animals. The selection of animals are great and while some were hiding or sleeping, we did get to see something a little different from York which of course is open less than five months out of the year. I won’t list them all but I feel this zoo had more variety.For the most part the zoo is clean, bathrooms throughout, there are few places to eat and overall price is not bad ($15 for adults and $10 for kids 3+). If you have little ones, I would highly suggest a stroller as the park is fairly stretched out but have plenty of room for even a big stroller to go around no problem.One of the attraction we feel the kids actually enjoyed are the play areas near the butterfly garden. There’s a good I’d say an acre full of kids to play with water area, a covered house, and a park-like setup that they can play for hours.Overall the zoo portion is ‘okay’ for first time visit but I feel there’s a lot more walking to do (but good for the animals) but of course the kids can still enjoy the park area as well.