Queens Zoo Wildlife Center

Corona, NY

Where are we going?

Queens Zoo Wildlife Center
Zoo Path
NY 11368


What is there to do?

We just LOVE animals, and so do everyone at Queens Zoo, which is why it's the perfect family day out for those kids and parents who just love the weird and wonderful creatures we have in the Americas.

Queens Zoo isn't the largest zoo in the country, but it's a zoo where you can see how much they really care about the animals here. 

Kids can come face to face with the big, burly bison, or spot even the smallest of deer - called Pudu! You will even come across Chanoan peccaries, that were only known through fossils until some were found in 1975 in Bolivia. 

Queens Zoo also have adorable domestic animals, including the Flemish giant rabbits that can reach up to 20lbs! Don't miss those iconic Texas longhorns too - their horns can span up to 6ft. That's a big horn to carry around!

To witness some water fun, head to the Sea Lion Pool where you can just sit and watch them play in their waterfall featured in their exhibits. Turn around, you might spot some Andean bears too!

The Waterfowl Marsh features all creatures native to the Americas too, from ducks, to fish, and turtles - and it's worth visiting the Bald Eagles nearby too! If there was ever a creature to symbolize America it's the bald eagle!

With pumas, lynx, alligators, and other beautiful creatures within Queens Zoo, it's a charming and exciting day out for the kids, without feeling overwhelming like some HUGE zoos.

Now the question is, what animal will you visit first!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $8

Children: $5 (ages 3-12)

Free Under: 2 years


Need a little extra help?

All of the building are wheelchair accessible, and certain exhibits have rough terrain, and some are tough exhibits, so check with staff when you arrive


When can we go?

10am - 4:30pm over winter. Extended over summer

Open 365 days a year!


Any top tips?

Check the daily schedule as soon as you arrive, so you can plan your day around any feedings or events that are happening

I’m Hungry!

There are vending machines for snacks and drinks, and there is a cafe too!

Healthy Eating

You are welcome to take your own lunch to the zoo and enjoy it at the outdoor picnic tables

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