Quarry Park Adventures

Rocklin, CA

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Address: 5373 Pacific St Rocklin, CA 95677 Number: 916 625 5243 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Quarry Park Adventures isn't your average adventure park, and we're here to tell you why!

You see, this family day of fun is actually set in and around a 60ft deep, 160 year old granite quarry, with a host of family fun spread out across 5 1/2 acres, now doesn't that sound super cool?

Quarry Park Adventures is the place to go if your kids love a challenge, and have a LOT of energy! There are so many things to do with the kids (and adults too) that you just might not be able to do everything in just one day!

The main attraction at Quarry Park Adventures is the three-level ropes aerial course, where you can really test those skills as you make your way along one of the 10 climbing routes, complete with free fall drops, horizontal walkways, and a number of zip lines.

These take you along the inner perimeter of the quarry, and it's a pretty spectacular feeling when you complete it!

If you're not quite up for the challenge, there are plenty of other things to do at Quarry Park Adventures including paddle boats, and for those little ones a belay-free kids zone where they can enjoy kiddie sized climbing fun.

With delicious food and a fun gift shop, you best get a good nights sleep if you are heading for some quarry fun, you will need the energy!

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Starts at $15, and $40 for a day pass


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Wear comfortable clothing and take closed toe shoes

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They sell food on site

Healthy Eating Take water, you will need it!

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Teachers corner


Give them a call if you want to take the students, its a great way to keep them active!

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Give them a call to ask about the accessibility, they will be happy to help answer any questions!

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Check online for opening hours as they change

Open year round

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