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Temecula, CA

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Address: 42081 Main St, Temecula, CA 92590, USA Number: 951 308 6376 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Peter Piper Picked A Pep Of Pickled Pepper?  No, Penny Pickle Picked A Pep Of Peter Piper? 

Wait, Professor Phineas T. Pennypickle's Workshop!  That's it!  Enigmatic and elusive Professor Phineas T. Pennypickle cordially invites you into his home - his weird and wonderful home filled with fun and exciting gizmos, crazy gadgets, inventions and experiments!  And he wants you to get up close and hands-on with them all as you play!

Kids of all ages will learn through play in this weird and wonderful attraction - where even the basic principals of a complex issue can be learnt and understood through experiments and play. Best of all, the family can enjoy this together, and parents you might even learn a thing or two!

Professor Pennypickle holds workshops across the year where kids can discover scientific adventures, as well as events!  Events cover a range of exciting topics - from nature explorations where you and Pennypickle can enjoy learning about animals, bugs, and plants...or Monday Madness! (That one is a surprise!)

They also have Summertime Science where you can have fun with the wacky experiments the professor will throw at you, or Bad Movie Night - a fun experience with popcorn and well, cheesy monster movies - what else!? 

If you fancy shopping you can also enjoy Supermarket Science where Pennypickle and Beaker have hidden hundreds of scientific apparatus in your local supermarket - and you need to find them!

This award winning experience will keep the whole family on their toes as your the wonderful world of science. 

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You will have a super fun and wacky birthday with the four different party packages available, as well as the Professor and Beaker's help! You and your friends can Professor Pennypickle's home workshop as you celebrate!

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Where is it at?


Pennypickle's workshop is at 42081 Main Street in Old Town Temecula. There is ample public parking around the Civic Center, at the corner of Mercedes and Second Streets.

Teachers corner


Group visits are self-guided and are limited to 90 minutes in the house. A group consists of 25 people or more (children and adults), but cannot exceed 65 people. Group admission: $4 per person,

Can I get one of those?


The Professor's little marketplace is a treasure trove of scientifically oriented toys, gizmos, and gadgets to catch the fancy of all ages. Proceeds from the gift shop help support Pennypickle's Workshop, so it's a good cause!

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Handicapped parking is available.

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When can we go?

Museum Hours Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 7:30pm / Sunday 12:30pm - 5pm (divided into session times)

Closed Mondays

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