Outdoor Discovery Center - Macatawa Greenway

Holland, MI

Where are we going?

Outdoor Discovery Center - Macatawa Greenway
4214 56th St
MI 49423

616 393 9453

What is there to do?

Do you just love to get out into nature and play, explore, walk, and run?  Of course you do!  It beats sitting inside all day doesn't it?

The Outdoor Discovery Center is a fun, exciting, nature filled day out for you and the whole family.  There are over 4 miles of beautiful trails for you to uncover new and wonderful things - through marshy wetlands, pretty little ponds, lush forest, flower filled meadows and iconic prairie land.

How many different species of wildlife can you spot?  Our guess is lots!  The area is teeming with beautiful birds and animals, so if you are a budding photographer you will be spoilt for choice!

The Macatawa River Greenway has over 1,000 areas which are protected, so you know they will never be disturbed or damaged - make sure you learn why and how they are protected when you are there - our earth is important!

If you have non-motorized boats there are several key locations you can launch from, if you fancy spending the day out on the water. 

Keep an eye on their calendar too because they hold a variety of fun activities - such as the Wildlife Discovery Camp for kids just crazy about wildlife!  You will study a number of animals and learn about how and where they live, and log them in a fun Discovery Journal.   They also hold adventure filled kayaking camps (often more than one day in length) so kids can learn independence and self-reliance through a number of games and trips.  

You can even get your hold family out frogging for the day - think you can catch those slippery friends of yours?  We'll see!

So get out there, and enjoy nature! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Donations welcome


Need a little extra help?

All the trails are wheelchair and stroller friendly, so bring the entire family!


When can we go?

Trails open Sunrise to Sunset



I’m Hungry!

There are three beautiful areas with picnic tables for you to enjoy your own packed lunch.

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