Newport Landing Whale Watching

Newport Beach, CA

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Address: 309 Palm St a, Newport Beach, CA 92661, USA Number: 949-675-0551 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

There is nothing quite like seeing a whale, or a dolphin, in its own natural habitat - and you don't need to visit the ends of the earth to spot them!  They are right here on your doorstep in Southern California.

Tours operate all year round so the season will determine what incredible wildlife you will see.  Across the year, it's not uncommon to see pods of dolphins (they can often be all playing together in their hundreds!), seals, killer whales, sharks....and even the mysterious blue whale - the largest creature on this planet!  Thats pretty big!  

There are options for indoor and outdoor seating, so you can view the whales from the very top deck to get the best photo spots - and you're in a great position to wave to them!  They might even wave back if you're lucky!

On the lower level you will find a lovely indoor area with huge windows which is perfect for the really young kids to ensure they are safe.  They can still look at the amazing scenery and it's close to just pop outside if there is a whale close by. 

The crew all have backgrounds in marine biology so you can be sure you will be well educated on the creatures you spot from the 65 foot deck, so feel free to ask them anything (and no question is too silly - its the best way to learn!)

Trips have a 96% success rate so there is a good chance you will be going home having seen a spectacular whale flapping his tail, or playful dolphins chasing the boat. 

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How much does it cost?



$32 Weekdays, $36 Weekends



$26 Weekdays, $30 Weekends (ages 12 and under)



Seniors $26 Weekdays, $30 Weekends


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Any top tips?


Being Southern California weather is rarely a factor, but if a storm has just moved through it might be a bit windy. 95% of the time this isn't an issue but if you aren't certain then just give the office a call and they can let you know the situation.

I'm Hungry!


The whales would never want you to go hungry! Cold cut sandwiches, smoothies, fruit and other snack items are available onboard, as well as a full beverage area. You are also very welcome to bring your own food on board.

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Where is it at?


You will find your meeting spot just on the boardwalk at 309 Palm St. #A - Newport Beach CA. 92661

Teachers corner


Newport Landing has been providing students and teachers with whale watching excursions for 20 years. These trips, also for those students home schooled, cover not only the biology and habits of the whales, but the complete marine ecosystem within a truly unique learning environment.

Can I get one of those?


A wide variety of books, games, shirts, caps, toys, and marine mammal gifts are available to purchase on board.

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When can we go?

7 am to 10 pm daily

All year round

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