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MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts

Bellevue, WA

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Kids - we need your help! The city of Bellevue seems to have faced an outbreak of a deadly disease, and they need YOU to help stop this endemic!

If you are ready for the challenge, then you need to take part in MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts. This fun activity is actually an online game that you can download onto any smartphone.

When you download the app, a bumbling scientist will give you a map of the city, and on it locations of the outbreaks. Working as a team, you have to make your way to these spots (that are all walking distance from each other), and answer the challenging questions.

But no using the internet - that's cheating!

If you get the question right, then you save people's lives! But, if you get the questions wrong, then you will be finding that the epidemic gets worse. Take note - because the outbreak might just take on a life of it's own!

The questions are rated PG, so MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts are more suited for those older kids. The topics of the questions vary, so every member of the family will be challenged! You might be asked about 80s heavy metal, or the ancient wonders of the world, or maybe it will even be about viral cats!

MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts can be played anytime you like, so perfect for that family fun! It's a fun and unique way to see the city, the kids get active and everyone gets to try and challenge their minds!

Good luck team - Bellevue needs you!



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$35 per team



Same as adult


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The game is suitable for up to teams of 4 people, and last around 90 minutes

I'm Hungry!


There are plenty of places in the city to grab some food to celebrate the city being saved!

Healthy Eating It's a good idea if you take a backpack with healthy snacks and bottled water - for rations!

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Teachers corner


It's a great way for kids to learn to work as a team, and learn some fun facts - so why not take the students out for the day!

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The activity is a physical one with 90 minutes of walking, searching and standing. There are very few stairs on the course

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Any time you like!

All year round

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