Paint Away

Redmond, WA

Where are we going?

Paint Away
7329 164th Ave NE
WA 98052


What is there to do?

Paint Away! can reveal that hidden Picasso or Rembrandt in the family....and you never know who it might be!

Painting is a great way for kids to express themselves through colors, patterns, and shapes, and really explore their creative side.   At PaintAway, you don't need to worry about having to create the pieces to paint - you just have to worry about what colors you want to use first!

They have a huge ceramics selection for you to choose from, including plates, mugs, bowls, vases, candle holders...even teapots!  All the finished pieces are food safe, so if you create a wonderful bowl for your family, not only do you get to keep it - but you get to use it!

You start with a pencil, and sketch your design right onto the bisque (that's short for "bisqueware").  You can make any changes you want, and even make mistakes because the pencil marks burn right away in the kiln!  

Then, you can paint.  But you can only paint for as long as you like if you follow their one rule: Make sure you're having fun! Do you think you can do that?

You have over 50 very cool pain colors to choose from, and you can ever experiment and mix up your own!  What do you think green and blue would make....?

Once you've finished, the lovely staff apply a clear glaze to protect your artwork (you don't want it to come off!) then they fire it in the kiln (that's pottery speak for "cooking" your work!)

7 days later you can do back and pick it up, and enjoy it in your home, or perhaps give it to someone as a present.

If you think you would love to spend your birthday celebrating with friends and all creating together, they offer fun birthday party packages, and they also hold summer camp so you can have a creative and fun summer! 

Let's paint!

How much does it cost?

Children: Prices vary per piece.


When can we go?

Monday to Saturday 10am - 9pm / Sunday 11am - 7pm

7 days a week


Any top tips?

They have specials during the week, like Mug Shot Monday and Tiny Tykes Tuesday, so keep and eye out and get down for your favorite! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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