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iFLY Seattle

Tukwila, WA

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Address: 349 Tukwila Pkwy, Tukwila, WA 98188, USA How do we get there? Number: 206 244 4359
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About this activity

Have you ever wanted to fly? Well, unless you're in a plane or skydiving, we might have to work on it...BUT lucky for you iFly Seattle exists so you can experience the same feeling - but safely and MUCH closer to the ground!

iFly Seattle gives you a realistic indoor skydiving experience. It certainly is fun for kids, as well as exciting for teens, AND great for adults! The perfect family experience! It's also very realistic for those who love skydiving - so don't think you're missing out!

If you have never even been close to skydiving, then there's no need to worry, because iFly Seattle is for everyone, not matter now much experience you have.

So are you excited? Because iFly Seattle is actually...FLYING!

How it works, is you head into a column of air inside a vertical wind tunnel, where you then soar on it! They use unique, superior technology with multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber. This produces a wall to wall airflow which is smooth, and of course FUN to fly in!

It sounds a bit awkward, but don't worry - it's completely comfortable! The professional instructors that are on site also help, and all these factors give you an exciting flying experience!

Overall, it's not considered a scary experience. You don't fall, you don't have to jump, and you can be a complete beginner. You're just floating on air! And because you're not falling, you won't get motion sickness! 

It is a bird...is it a plane...no...it's YOU at IFly Seattle! Soar like the birds! 

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First time package $59.95



Same as adult


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iFLY Seattle FAQ’s

They are about safety, so make sure you take note to the maximum 6 foot in height, and less than 230lbs restrictions.

You're in Seattle! There are so many places to grab something to eat....so you can fill those rumbling stomachs!

Wear well fitting, lace up sneakers. Running shoes are also good, but no other shoes are. Make sure you have casual clothes too

You get a personalized flight certificate at the end of it!

Keep a bottle of water with you - it's great to stay hydrated!

All flyers must be in good physical condition, and in good health. Some centers can fly people with certain disabilities, like amputees, so just call to check!

The entire first time flyer package is just over an hour, and that includes 60 seconds in the tunnel. You can book packages with 2 flights.

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