Maui Cave Adventures

Hana, HI

Where are we going?

Maui Cave Adventures
201 Ulaino Road

808 248-7308

What is there to do?

Who is ready to enjoy a family day out with a difference? With Maui Cave Adventures you can explore the Hana Lava Tube - which is completely underground!

This underground lavascape is a great way to spend the day if you are a family that loves a little adventure. It's safe, and fun, and kids will love the fact that it's free of bats and mosquitoes!

The cave tours are self-guided, so you can really take your time if you like, and explore at your own pace. The tours normally last for 40 minutes but you can stay as little or as long as you want!

The Hana Lava Tubes are one of Hawaii's greatest natural wonders. It's also an impressive lava showcase. Just look around at what Mother Nature has created. 

The tour route is safe for all ages. There is always fresh air, and there are hand rails you can use. The temperature is always consistent, and is warm and comfortable, so kids will love it!

They will also love the incredible formations all around them as they make their way through the underground wonder. From stalactites to stalagmites, and the famous "chocolate corridor", it's best you bring your camera!

Afterwards, you can explore the beautifully manicured grounds, where you can even take a picnic lunch and enjoy the sun! Make sure you spend some time in the garden maze too. It's a fun challenge to try and make your way into the center, and out again!

So try and adventure with a difference, and explore the Hana Lava Tubes with Maui Cave Adventures! It's a whole other world under your feet!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $11.95

Children: $11.95

Free Under: 5 years


Need a little extra help?

There are hand rails if you need them as you make your way through


When can we go?

10:30am - 4pm

365 days a year


Any top tips?

Make sure you take your camera!

I’m Hungry!

Bring a picnic and enjoy it in their garden!

Healthy Eating

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