Log Cabin Village

Fort Worth, TX

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Address: 2100 Log Cabin Village Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76109, USA Number: 817-392-5881 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Texas history is so fascinating, and it's even more facsinating when you can experience it first hand!

Log Cabin Village is Fort Worth's living history museum. It was created to not only educate those who visit on what Texas was like in the 19th century, but also to preserve artifacts and structures that have had a significance to Texas' pioneer era.

Kids - can you have a guess when that was? It was actually 1840 - 1890 - that's a pretty long time ago!

Log Cabin Village lets you escape the present, and journey into the past without leaving Fort Worth. You can spend the day strolling through the historic structures, each furnished with authentic artifacts, which really give you a look at 19th century life. 

How similar is it to how you live today? We imagine pretty different! Each log cabin displays various aspects of pioneer life. It's amazing what kind of work and chores they would have!

You can see a water-powered gristmill which would have been common back in those days. Kids - you might love to see the one room schoolhouse. Much smaller than your school now (and we're pretty sure they wouldn't have had prom either!) There is a blacksmith shop to explore, a herb garden to wander around, and of course historical interpreters who really bring Log Cabin Village to life, as they depict the lives of those actual people who would have settled in the area.

It's amazing how much history has happened right under your feet!

Log Cabin Village LOVES having families visit, so occasionally they have extra activities going on which are designed to give families even more fun when exploring the past! From September to June, once a month, there are special family events which often have craft elements and interactive elements.

Ones to look out for!

Say hi to the past for us!

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$5.00 (ages 4 to 17)


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3 years


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They have three cats! Taffy, Izzy and Yellow Cat. Stop and say hi!

I'm Hungry!


They don't have any food or drinks for sale on site, but there are two water fountains in the village

Healthy Eating You can bring your own snacks, but you can'y picnic on the grounds. There are picnic tables in the wooded area just near the parking lot

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Teachers corner


There are a number of tour options you can choose from to make your outside classroom experience extra special!

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All of the paths are wheelchair accessible, and the only structure not accessible is the Gristmill.

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Strollers are welcome

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9am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday. 1pm - 5pm weekends.

All year round. Closed on Mondays

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