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The Great Escape Room

Miami, FL

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Address: 2315 S Le Jeune Rd, Miami, FL 33134, USA Number: 786 322-6619 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Kids - picture're locked in a room, and you only have 60 minutes to try and solve your way out of it, completing your mission. Sound fun?

Well, that is exactly what happens when you visit The Great Escape Room in Miami!

The Great Escape Room is where the family can spend time enjoying the traditional escape room fun, mixed in with the challenge of a scavenger hunt. Sounds pretty cool to us!

Suitable for kids over 12 years, here they and the family can work as a team, use those minds, and together solve problems, uncover clues, really challenge each other, and gain confidence when they finally escape successfully!

In Miami, you get to enjoy this Sherlock-themed escape adventure as soon as you step foot in your chosen room. Then, you have just 60 minutes to try and solve your way out. Do you think it sounds easy? Well, we'll see about that!

The great thing about this experience is you don't need special skills to play. You just have to have an open mind!

The Great Escape Room in Miami has three different rooms which you can choose from. This means with each visit you have something new and fresh to enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes we presume? It seems yes as you can put your skills to the test and see if you can be the one selected as Sherlock's official apprentice. Of course, you have to unravel the mystery set out in front of you first!

Perhaps you would rather save the world from an evil Professor, as you try and beat him at his own game and solve his puzzles.

Have you ever wanted to regain control of a nuclear missile program before a nuclear Armageddon? Now is your chance! We know you can do it!



Fun, adventure, challenges, and a great way for kids to use their minds whilst having a great time in Miami. 

So kids - will you accept the challenge of the exciting escape rooms? Good luck!

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The games aren't really suitable for kids under 12 years, although if you book a private event kids under 12 are permitted.

Any top tips?


It's always best to arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked time

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Why not grab something in the area before or after your visit, there are plenty of options - it's Miami after all!

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Where is it at?


They are located in Suite 200 at the listed address

Teachers corner


You can book private groups (and include kids under 12 years) so why not arrange for the students to work as a team and use their minds!

Need a little extra help?


Some of the rooms might require climbing a flight of stairs, so just call ahead to check

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When can we go?

6:30pm - 10:30pm Thurs / 12pm - 10:30pm Fri / 12pm - 11:55pm Sat / 12pm - 6pm Sun. By appt Mon - Wed.

Year round

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