What is there to do?

Have you ever been to a place where there is SO much fun to be had, you almost don't know where to start? That's what happens when you visit Funplex in New Jersey!

Funplex is just jam packed with fun things to do with the family - no matter what the age. Are you ready to hear all about them? We're excited to tell you!

Why don't we start with the arcade? Here, you can experience the fun of the Boardwalks that you find along the Jersey Shore, with a collection of great games, as well as table bowling and air hockey!

How about a 4D dark ride? No, not 3D....4D! It's a whole added dimension as you enjoy a motion simulator thrill ride! The movies change daily, so don't forget your 4D glasses!

It's foam time next, with Foam Frenzy! One of the greatest kids activities anywhere, this three level play unit is the setting for a real BLAST! Thousands of foam balls  are ready to be fired from the Air Blaster and Air Targets...and at your friends! They are parents don't worry!

Love Lazer Tag? You'll love Lazer Runner too! Just enter the dark, maze-like area lit only by black lights, but just watch out for the danger lurking! Great for kids to learn about team work and communication, so you try and beat the other team!

Bumper cars, go karts, and free fall fun - that's just the INDOOR fun!

We haven't even started on Splashplex Waterpark, the seasonal way to make a splash over summer with a lazy river, coal mine railway, splash pad and more!

Didn't we tell you that there was almost TOO much fun to be had!

There is only one way to approach Funplex....just head there and get started! Enjoy!

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How much does it cost?



All attractions $20/$25. Or individually priced



Same as adult



$10 Thursdays 4pm - 7pm all you can ride


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Any top tips?


The attractions at Funplex are individually priced, but you can get unlimited ride wristbands for $20 off peak, and $25 peak. Splashpad is additional entry fee.

I'm Hungry!


There is a Funplex cafe with snacks, pizza, hot sandwiches and drinks, AND the Splashplex has a cafe too with waffle cones and ice cream!

Healthy Eating
They sell salads at the Funplex Cafe

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They offer group discounts, and its a great place to take the kids to celebrate something special, so why not give them a call to arrange your visit!

Can I get one of those?


Can you have a birthday party? You sure can! They offer adult birthday parties, Sweet 16 parties, and great party packages for the kids!

Need a little extra help?


Speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility

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When can we go?


Weekends open 10am. Weekdays arcade 12pm / everything else 4pm. Close late

All year round indoor attractions. Waterpark Memorial to Labor Day

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