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Branch Brook Park

Newark, NJ

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Address: West Dr, Newark, NJ, USA Number: 973-268-3500 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you want to visit the nations FIRST county park, then look no further than Branch Brook Park in New Jersey!

This popular park is SO much more than just a park. 

Did you know that sometimes they offer historic guided tours? Yep! Occasionally they will have very knowledgable guides take you all on an interesting 45 minute experience where you can learn all about the 119 year old history of some of the features, whilst under the shady canopy of the cherry blossoms!

(Did you know that during the two world wars the park was used as a tent city for the army? Fascinating stuff isn't it!)

Did you know that sometimes there is a bike race challenge! See if you can push yourself and get some exercise - it's very important you know!

Did you know that sometimes Branch Brook Park holds Family Days...which are FREE! They have paddle boats to enjoy, or perhaps kids want to get their faces painted! For those rumbling tummies you don't have to worry because there are plenty of food vendors!

Then of course, the rest of the time Branch Brook Park is just a great park that you can picnic in, or take the kids to have a run around, and just enjoy nature! There is a roller rink that you can skate around for the day on, and places to play baseball, tennis or softball!

As the nations first county park, they have certainly given many a family a great day out there! Now it's your turn! 

Don't forget your hats now, that summer sun can get hot!

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You might need permits to play some of the sports like baseball and softball

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Take your camera because every spring, more than 4,000 cherry blossom tees all come out in force! It's amazing!

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They have food vendors during some events, but otherwise why not bring a picnic and enjoy a nice family lunch!

Healthy Eating It's best to bring your own healthy snacks and water!

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There are plenty of paths that are accessible to wheelchairs

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Dawn to 10pm

365 days a year

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