Bernheim Arboretum

Clermont, KY

Where are we going?

Bernheim Arboretum
2075 Clermont Road

502 955-8512

What is there to do?

If it's a relaxing, or perhaps adventurous, family day out in nature that you want, then Bernheim Arboretum could be just what you need!

This Kentucky favorite spans across a HUGE 15,625 acres of land, and there is adventure waiting for everyone, no matter what age!

Love hiking? Great! Grab those shoes because there are over 40 miles of trails available. Kids can enjoy the scenery as they loop through the valley, hollows and ridges. You might even want to take your bikes!

Love fishing? Great! Grab those fishing rods and head over to Lake Nevin where you can spend some relaxing time together as a family, trying your luck at that catch.

Those creative kids might love to check out the public art scattered throughout Bernheim Arboretum, or for those who love a bit of respite, you can just grab a favorite book and relax under a shady tree.

Check out the many nature-based education programs that the arboretum hosts. From smart gardens and landscapes, to exploring Bernehim at night, and of course the very popular children's programs, Bernheim Arbortum has something for everyone, of all ages, all year round!

Make a stop at the LEED platinum Visitor Center too, as well as braving the Canopy Tree Walk, exploring the nearly 90 year old fire tower, or immersing yourselves in the one-of-a-kind Edible Garden.

So let's go and explore the wonders of what Mother Nature has created at Bernheim Arbortum in Kentucky, with plenty of nature fun for the kids AND adults alike! 

So get ready, that outdoor adventure is about to begin!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free weekdays! Weekends are $5 per car, or $10 per van/RV

Children: Free on weekdays, then included if in the car with the adult


Need a little extra help?

Some of the trails are partially accessible, just ask at the Visitor Center for more details


When can we go?

Bernheim: 7am - 5pm daily. Visitor Center: 9am - 4pm daily (4:30pm weekends)

Open year round but Bernheim closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Days


Any top tips?

Check out the programs and events on their website ahead of time so you can plan around what you want to enjoy!

I’m Hungry!

Take a picnic! It's always nice to enjoy a home packed lunch

Healthy Eating

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