Beartown State Park

Marlinton, WV

Where are we going?

Beartown State Park
Beartown State Park
4800 Watoga Park Rd
WV 24954


What is there to do?

Beartown State Park is a 110-acres of amazing nature that YOU can visit on your next family day out!

Located on the eastern summit of Droop Mountain, Beartown State Park is known for its unusual rocky formations, HUGE boulders, overhanging cliffs and impressive deep crevices.

They're worth seeing so much that the park has created a half-mile boardwalk that showcases these amazing natural wonders.  What's great about Beartown State Park is that it's restricted development, meaning the facilities might be basic, but you get a real experience of nature being nature. 

The park’s simplicity is what attracts visitors, who often come to the park for a walk and nothing more. Kids love to try and spot the wildlife too!

For those looking for an educational experience, and kids we know that's you, a walk through the park’s rock formations is assisted by informational markers along the trail, with each one explaining the geological processes at work in the area.

Want to know a fun fact about the park? Well, the park’s name comes from residents who claimed the many cave-like openings in the rocks made ideal winter dens for black bears in the area. Do you think they look like bears would love them?  It also refers to the many deep, narrow crevasses that crisscross the area and appear from above like the streets of a small town.

A whole day of adventure in this seasonal state park in West Virginia - it's time to get that adventure ON!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free

Children: Free


When can we go?

Best during daylight hours

April to October, with off-season access available by appointment.


Any top tips?

Beartown State Park does not provide any overnight accommodations, but visitors may camp or rent cabins at nearby Watoga State Park. There are no entrance or admission fees for visiting the park.

I’m Hungry!

It's a good idea to take a backpack with healthy snacks for your exploration along the boardwalk!

Healthy Eating

Take bottled water so you stay hydrated! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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