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    I haven’t received treatment this rude since my last trip to New Orleans. My (clean-cut and relatively quiet) family to see the CAF AirPower History Tour and the lady behind the counter was rude from the very beginning. I wasn’t sure where to go once we went through the door, so I told the lady behind the counter that I had brought my family to see the show. “We’re not doing the family rate this weekend!” she said–which would have been fine if she hadn’t been so nasty about it. She slammed down my wife’s credit card on the counter after she ran it through. Maybe the weekend had worn her out? Not that that is any excuse…She wasn’t the only worker her that was rude. But she was our first impression of the place, and he attitude to us was completely unprecedented. We saw the planes and left. I wouldn’t have gone to the show if my kids hadn’t already been so excited about it. My 4-y.o. son wanted to buy lots of planes and a kite–we will buy them for him, but not from this place!Maybe the large man in the flight suit treats the front desk as badly as he treats families, and she was just passing on the abuse. I don’t know. Our entire experience with be place was pretty bad EXCEPT for the CAF crew, who were all very friendly, informative…and actually nice to my kids!