Arizona Museum of Natural History

Mesa, AZ

Where are we going?

Arizona Museum of Natural History
53 N Macdonald
AZ 85201


What is there to do?

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is an incredible educational and exciting experience for every age.  Here you can experience the origins of life on earth, from the meteorites and minerals to the first inhabitants.

What was the earth like 4.5 billion years ago? (That's much older than you are!)

There are a number of fascinating and informative exhibits, beautifully laid out and cared for.  Some are permanent, but some are limited so make sure you check which ones you want to really see.

Dinosaur Hall is one of the most popular experiences in the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and when you visit you can see why.   It is home to some of the biggest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth!

Dinosaur Mountain actually allows you to see how some of the dinosaurs might have even looked and sounded!  Think you know what a T-Rex sounded like? 

Walk Through Time takes you back to a place of the Triassic period, witnessing the monsters of the Cretaceous oceans, and even shows you the first animals to fly!

There are exhibits which focus on the Southwest American history, from the big game hunters and gathers, and the Desert Culture of the region.  You can also flash forward to modern day and look at some of the movies filmed in Arizona....and....action!  That's for you!  Because you could ever be in a western movie yourself! Did you want your cue again...?

Have you ever seen a flash flood cascade down a three story mountain INSIDE a museum?  Or experience a real jail? know the place you can!

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is a truly fascinating experience where there really is always something to learn and discover! 


How much does it cost?

Adults: $12.00

Children: $6 (ages 3-12)

Discount: $10 seniors / $8 students with Id

Free Under: 2

Family Deals: Group Discounts available


Need a little extra help?

The museum is fully accessible for wheelchairs so the more the merrier!


When can we go?

Tuesday -Friday10am to 5pm / Saturday 11am to 5pm / Sunday 1pm to 5pm

Closed on Mondays and Holidays.

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