New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine centre

Shippagan, NB

Where are we going?

New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine centre
100 Rue de l'Aquarium
E8S 1H9

(506) 336-3013

What is there to do?

The New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre is Atlantic Canada’s largest aquarium, unmatched in size and quality of displays, anywhere east of Québec city. Our staff is available to teach anything from the fishing industry to the biology of the sealife showcased in our 31 display tanks ranging from 250 liters to 28000 liters. Displaying over 100 species of fish and invertebrates representing over 3000 specimens, we basically showcase our natural aquatic heritage better than anywhere else in theAtlantic Provinces.

The New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre is simply the best place to experience what the aquatic world has to offer in terms of authenticity, beauty and learning possibilities all thru the visit; from the moment you set foot in the building, to the moment you regretfully exit it. Our natural wonder is our live collection of indigenous fish and invertebrate species presented in an unmatched quality setting. The fish tanks are set up as to offer the best view possible of the magnificent specimens on display, from the enigmatic blue lobster to our hefty 18 pounder; form the smallest shrimp to our streamline 8 foot sturgeon. Nobody can do better inNew Brunswickor even theAtlantic Provinces. See how sleek the codfish, pollock, mackerel, and haddock are. Why are the flatfish flat, like the halibut? Is it lying on its right side? Or is it the left? I bet you didn’t know the differences are families apart.

At one point, you will be invited to see one or the other of our two new audiovisual presentations. The first named “Laborers of the sea” where you will witness the birth of the commercial fishing industry in the Acadian peninsula, and the other is one of BBC’s LIFE series episodes about the creatures of the depths. Lasting about 20 minutes each, these high definition screenings will surely help you better understand our part of the world.

After seeing it through glass, you’ll have the unique opportunity to handle live organisms to feel and learn even more incredible stuff! See “eye to eye” with a sea scallop, see how stunningly fast are really sea stars when they move around, by the way try to count all they’re “suction cups” when you flip one over, I bet you can’t! And of course, our blue lobster will be there waiting for your visit. Pick him up for a photo opportunity! An experience in it’s self, since colored lobsters are one in 3 to 5 millions!

Afterwards, check out our enormous 114 000 liter seal pool, right next to the touch tank. Enjoy the relaxing way they swim around effortlessly. That is, before feeding time comes around! They then try all kinds of tricks to get the feeders attention, so they can eat their fill. Rolling over, jumping around or taping in the water, all is fair when you’re hungry!

How much does it cost?

Adults: 8.50$

Children: 5.50$

Free Under: 6 years

Family Deals: 23.00$ (2 adults + 2 kids under 16)


When can we go?

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

June to September


I’m Hungry!

There is a onsite restaurant right next to the aquarium. The Pavillon Aquatique restaurant offers a wide variety of food for all tastes. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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