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Adventure Village

Hamilton, ON

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Address: 580 Van Wagners Beach Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 3L8, Canada Number: 905-549-9444 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Adventure Village is set on over 3 acres of beautiful rolling hills with lush vegetation, and features a wide range of fun things to do for the kids AND parents!

How about starting off the day with the multi-level 18 hole mini golf course! This challenging course is perfect for kids and parents, giving you a one of a kind golfing experience! The course layout features Southern Ontario history and geography, so kids can even learn at the same time!  Just make sure you navigate the 5 waterfalls, 6 fish ponds, and TWO shipwrecks too!

For those little ones who have the need for speed, the Krazy Kars is where kids can bump and spin in all directions in these fun bumper cars - just watch out behind you! Active kids can scale new heights on the 25ft climbing wall, where they can challenge their best friends to a race to the top! Our money is on you!

That combat style fun is up next at Adventure Village with an outdoor laser tag experience. Kids can work as a team, use those tactical skills, and really feel a sense of achievement when they out smart and out shoot their opponents!

It's also great for kids with a LOT of energy, because the laser tag keeps then nice and active!

Adventure Village also has a bungee trampoline that lets you jump 4 stories high, and feel like a bird as you try and touch the clouds, as well as gemstone mining to try and find your fortune! Just imagine what you might be able to uncover!

With ALL this fun at Adventure Village, you might find yourselves heading back to this fun Ontario family day out again...and again...and again!

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Pay and play from $7. Fun Pack bundles from $14



Same as adult. Fun Pack bundles from $11



Unlimited Play: 3 hours $25 ad / $28 ch. All day $30 ad / $33 ch.


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You can have a birthday party at the village! They will be happy to help you celebrate, so why not take the friends along for that fun birthday outing!

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Some of the attractions have height restrictions so just be aware of these

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There is a host of delicious dining for the family, including burgers, fries, sausages, pizza, nachos, juices, slushies and more!

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Teachers corner


They would be happy to create a memorable day out for the students! They can learn team work and skills on activities like laser tag, or they can just have FUN!

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Just speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility of the attractions!

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Hours vary by the season so check online

April to October, daily until October, then weekends only

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