Kids Fun Near Me in Kitchener, ON

Kitchener…No…not the kitchen! Kitchener is a wonderful city in Ontario, that has plenty of things to do with kids all year round! (That’s what we like to hear!)  There is so much history in Kitchener, and it’s an incredibly multicultural city so kids can really learn about other cultures.

Doon Heritage Village is an amazing 60 acres of living history which shows what life was like in the area way back in 1914.  Brubacher House lets kids experience the life of a Pennsylvania German Mennonite family during the 1800s. An amazing look at another way of life.  And the Joseph Schneider Haus is a fascinating 1816 Georgian House by one of the areas first pioneers. 

But of course, there are lots of other fun things to do in Kitchener! Get inspired with places like Artery Gallery and Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery - great for those art lovers.

And what about snow!? Yep - there’s snow fun too! Chicopee Tube Park is a great way for kids to enjoy those winter wonderlands!

So if you can’t stand the fun, get out of Kitchener! (But we know you will LOVE it!)


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