Kids Fun Near Me in Rhode Island

If you are looking for fun, seaside adventure with the family, then Rhode Island is for you! That beautiful state against the Atlantic Ocean has treasures for the whole family, with museums, history and culture. There are beautiful state parks, zoos, museums, and of course so much beach fun you will want to go back! A stunning part of New England that the whole family will fall in love with.

Rhode Island maybe be the smallest state in the USA but as they say…great things come in small packages!

Rhode Island is synonymous with the seaside, so for those water babies in the family you already have an immediate winner on your hands! Immerse yourself in the old charm of places like Atlantic Beach Park with ice-cream and carousels before making a splash at places like Water Wizz Water Park!

BUT…Rhode Island is full of surprises, and there is a whole state to explore away from the water!

State Parks like Colt and Lincoln Wood are full of treasures for family getaways out into nature. There are a great number of museums, which are a great way to immerse kids in history, culture and creativity. Take the kids down to museums like the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the historic Slater Mill Museum and the interactive Providence Children’s Museum just to name a few.

There are even animal adventures to be had with attractions such as Roger Williams Park Zoo and the Butterfly Zoo.

So don’t under estimate the little Ocean State, because each season brings something new, and there will always be fun things to do with the kids!


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