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Things to do in Glendale, AZ with kids

Glendale …the desert that never sleeps! If your family love outdoor adventure, then welcome to your outdoor playground!
This beautiful Arizona town is filled with exciting and unique things to do with kids that they will never forget!

Places like Thunderbird Conservation Park and Sahuaro Ranch Park are great ways to start your outdoor exploration. Better start soon - there is a lot to see (some involving peacocks!)

Space exploration take your fancy? Why not! Challenge Space Center has family fun days and artifacts actually used by NASA!
Animal lovers in the family? Tolmachoff Farms can give you that corn maze / pumpkin patch experience as you play with the barn animals.

Theme Park fun with Castles N Coasters and for those little ones, Enchanted Island, and water fun with Waterworks Waterpark!
Bordering on Phoenix, Glendale is a beautifully family friendly city, with a host of places to go with the family.

Your adventure starts here!

Glendale Attractions Map

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