Kids Fun Near Me in Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful state to take the family. It's one of the most beautiful places in the country, with clear blue lakes and mountains so high they seem to touch the sky! Kids will love exploring all of the great outdoors, where they can hike, play, and enjoy nature. There are plenty of places to go with kids, both in the cities and in nature. A fascinating history and a ton of kids fun, Alaska is a great place to visit with kids of all ages.

Where do you want to go today? I don’t know….I’ll ask her….get it? Alaska?

We might just stick with what we know best, and that’s why this most Northern state is a pretty cool place for a family day out!

There is no denying that the drawcard is the natural beauty - the wilderness, the wildlife, and the oceans. Kids can learn about the unique animals with the true Alaskan experience of the Musk Ox Farm, or the Reindeer Farm. They can see a majestic whale rise out of the ocean for the first time with Major Marine Tours, or they can explore and play in 50 acres of Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure.

But Alaska can offer a ton of other fun activities for the whole family that are just as fun and exciting! Klondike Gold Dredge Tours brings the past to life with Gold Rush sled dogs and the chance to strike it rich! Swimming in Alaska? Why not! The H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark even has it’s own pirate ship! Arrrr…..there also be cannons in those there parts!

So while the incredible beauty of Alaska must be enjoyed by the whole family, make sure you spend time enjoying all the fun activities Alaska has! Sound good? I don’t know…I’ll ask her!


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