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Things to do in Iqaluit, NU with kids

Iqaluit is one of the most incredibly unique places to visit with kids - and one that should be experienced!  The city is filled with culture, adventure, and some of the most spectacular scenery they will see in Canada.  Amazing!

Iqaluit is very close to the Arctic Circle, which means that over summer, it doesn’t get dark! It’s a very surreal experience! Quittinirpaaq National Park is a great place to explore the wilderness of the town, without venturing out into the true isolation of Nunavut.  Kids can check out the very cool rock patters and wildflowers at their feet, and even try and spot the glaciers in the distance!

The area lends itself to really cool adventures too! Companies like Arctic Kingdom take families out on super fun activities.

Fancy building an igloo or heading out dog sledding? No problem! They will be unforgettable experiences! Iqaluit is full of traditions and culture too because of the communities that live there.

A fascinating insight for kids into these unique cultures, and museums like Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum are great ways for them to learn more about them.

One of the most unique family adventures you will ever have!

Iqaluit Attractions Map

Iqaluit StampIqaluit Image Iqaluit Image
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