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Things to do in Fredericton with Kids near me

New Brunswick’s capital is a beautiful cultural and heritage centre that really is a natural playground for kids (and for kids who love those crunchy colorful fall leaves - it’s one of the best places to experience them!)

Fredericton is incredibly family-friendly. It’s sweet, it’s charming, and there are so many things to do with kids you will be spoilt for choice!

With such a strong history, you won’t be surprised to know that there are amazing museums for kids to visit! From the Fredericton Region Museum, to the School Days Museum (how does school life back in history compare now!?) - kids will love learning all about the past of this beautiful town.

Fredericton brings out the creativity in everyone, and there are plenty of places for kids to explore their creative side, such as Clay Cafe - get those little hands messy!

Active kids are covered with activities like Kingswood Park with bowling and lazer tag, and those inquisitive minds will love Science East - perfect for kids of all ages!

Oh yes - there are ghosts too! We’re not kidding! And tours like Calithumpians Haunted Hikes will introduce kids to the city’s other residents….BOO!

Fredericton Attractions Map

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