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Fun ‘Make And Do’ Kids Craft Projects

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Kids today are growing up in an increasingly digital environment, which means that opportunities for them to engage with real-world activities have become scarce. But fortunately, there are plenty of fun and engaging DIY projects designed to help kids develop useful skills while also having a ton of fun at the same time.

There’s something about crafting that can transport you to an alternate universe for a brief moment. In our busy lives, it’s reassuring to know that the world hasn’t forgotten about the importance of making things with your hands. We have put together some of the best ideas for making things with your hands and introducing kids to the joys of crafting to your kids. Let’s get started!

Sticker crafts


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Photo by Daniel Huniewicz on Unsplash

One of the most accessible ways to get kids making their own crafts is to use stickers. They’re inexpensive, easy to find and come in every shape, size and colour you could want, making them ideal for getting children started with craft projects. Kids can use stickers to create everything from cards and posters to picture frames and iPhone cases. For example, you could get craft supplies such as cardstock and construction paper and have your child make their own gift wrap paper. There are tons of ideas online that can inspire your child’s creativity, such as this blog post full of fun sticker crafts for kids. Another idea is to get a large piece of poster board and have your child stick on as many stickers as they can fit. Once they’re done, they can paint over them to transform their poster into a work of art. Alternatively, you can get creative with some basic materials such as cardboard, thumb tacks and stickers to make a DIY cork board or pin board.

Paper mache crafts 

Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash

Paper mache is a fun and accessible way for kids to get creative and make their own crafty items, from masks, decorations and toys to picture frames and tote bags. It’s a great activity for groups of kids to get together and try, as well as an excellent solo project for children who love to be creative but need a little bit of guidance. There are tons of paper mache craft ideas for kids online and in magazines, such as this blog post with 15 easy paper mache crafts for kids. One of the easiest projects is to get kids to make their own paper mache finger puppets, which they can use to act out mini plays and skits. All you need to make paper mache finger puppets is paper towels or newspaper, liquid starch, glue, paint and googly eyes. Alternatively, you can get kids to make their own mini figures or figurines using paper mache. You could have your child make figures of their favourite TV characters, or you could use the project as an opportunity to help them expand their creative horizons and make something they’ve never tried before, such as a mini model of a dinosaur.

Sewing projects

a selection of sewing equipment and threads

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

Sewing is a fantastic skill to acquire, and, let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool to make your own clothes. It’s a skill that many children pick up at school as part of a home economics class, but for those who don’t, sewing can be a really fun project. There are plenty of easy sewing projects for kids, such as this idea to make a wallet chain. You can also help your child expand their sewing skills with projects that are just beyond their current abilities to provide them with a real sense of achievement when they finish. For example, you could get your child to make their own cushions, which is an easy, yet fairly advanced, sewing project. Alternatively, you could use something like a pillowcase as inspiration for an easier sewing project, such as making your own coloured pillowcases. One of the best things about sewing is, as it’s a skill that can be applied in a ton of different situations, it’s something that your child could use throughout their lives. Not only does it help kids develop important skills, such as attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions, it also gives them a skill they can take with them wherever they go.

Games and activities


paints and brushes and some coloured rocks

Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash

Playing games and engaging in activities is a great way to help your child explore and develop a variety of new skills and interests, as well as have fun and relax after a long day at school. There are so many games and activities that are suitable for kids of all ages, and the best part is that they don’t have to cost a thing. For example, you could get your child to explore their creative side with a classic art project such as making their own hand print or finger painting, or you could get them to join one of their favourite TV or movie franchises by hosting a themed party. You could also try getting your child to participate in some regular household chores. Not only does this help them learn about how to manage their time and earn their keep, it also gives them a sense of responsibility and can help them relax at the end of a long day.

Science experiments 

a young girl doing a science experiment

Photo by YY TEOH on Unsplash

Kids love science. They love learning about how the world works, and they especially love blowing things up. Thankfully, there are plenty of safe and exciting science experiments for kids to try out. One of the most accessible and easy experiments for kids to do is to create their own slime. Slime is fun, easy to make and a great way to explore chemistry. You can find a variety of different slime recipes online, such as this one that uses borax, which is a kid-friendly alternative to the more dangerous boric acid. Alternatively, you could get your child to try making their own ant farm. Ants are fascinating creatures, and watching them go about their daily lives is an exciting and informative experience. You can find instructions on how to make an ant farm online, such as this article with three different ant farm ideas.

Paper Plate Monster Craft

Childs hands from above making crafts

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Paper plate monsters are adorable and easy to make, making them a great craft for kids. They’re also a great opportunity to help your child learn about the importance of treating others with respect. You can use this craft to discuss how everyone is different and that we are all different in our own ways. Kids will learn the importance of accepting others’ differences and that everyone is special in their own way. Paper plate monsters are easy to make and can be customized according to your child’s preferences. Let your child choose their favorite colors and materials to create the perfect monster! This craft is best for children aged 4-8 years old. What you’ll need: - Colored paper - Scissors - Glue - Markers/pens - Cotton balls - String What to do: - First, cut the paper into different shapes and sizes. These will be the monster’s body parts. - Then, have your child glue the shapes onto the paper plate. - Once the glue has dried, ask your child to decorate the plate with markers and pens. - Finally, wrap the paper plate in string to create the monster’s legs. - Your paper plate monster is now complete!

Fingerprint Feather Craft

Fingerprint feathers are a personal, meaningful craft that are sure to make your child feel proud. Kids can use them to create a special place to store their most valuable treasures. You can also use them to personalize your child’s room. This craft is best for children aged 4-8 years old. What you’ll need: - White paper - Colored pencils - Scissors - Glue - Feathers - Paints (optional) What to do: - Start by having your child press their finger onto the paper. - Next, have them paint their fingerprint with different colors of paint. Alternatively, you could use colored pencils. - Glue the feathers to the paper once it has dried. Let your child choose which colors they would like to use. They can also write their name or draw designs on the feathers. - Your fingerprint feathers are now complete!

Color Mixing Bowl Craft

kids crayons and a boy coloring

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

This is a great craft for kids who love to experiment with colors and materials. The color mixing bowl craft is a fun way to discover the science behind colors and how they interact with each other. The best part is that it’s a super easy craft that can be created in minutes. It’s a great choice if you’re short on time or just want to craft with your child in a simple manner. Kids will learn the importance of how colors mix together and create new colors. They will also learn about the different colors and how materials react with each other. Let your child choose their favorite colors and let their imagination run wild! This craft is best for children aged 4-8 years old. What you’ll need: - Bowls - Water - Food coloring - Materials (optional) What to do: - First, pour the water into the different bowls. - Then, add the food coloring to each bowl. Let your child choose which colors they would like to use. - Finally, have your child place the materials into the bowls. - Your color mixing bowls are now complete!

Flower Shaped Washi Tape Craft

Washi tape crafts have been all the rage recently and are a perfect craft for kids of all ages. This craft is a great way to introduce your child to the importance of recycling. Washi tape flowers are simple to make and can be used to decorate your child’s room and as gifts for loved ones. This is a great craft to help your child discover their creative side and try something new. Washi tape flowers are easy to make and are a great choice if your child is new to crafting. This is because washi tape flowers are a simple craft that even the youngest crafters can attempt. This craft is best for children aged 4-8 years old. What you’ll need: - Washi tape - Scissors - A flower bouquet (optional) What to do: - First, let your child choose the washi tape they would like to use. - Then, have your child cut the washi tape into different shapes and sizes. - Next, have your child wrap the washi tape around a bouquet of flowers. Alternatively, they could use it to decorate their room.

Glitter Cloud Fridge Art

an example of glitter art

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

Glitter clouds are a great craft that are sure to make your child feel like they’ve entered a different world. It’s a fun and creative way to introduce your child to the importance of being creative with their hands. Kids will learn the importance of the power of creativity and that you can use it to bring joy to others. Let your child use their imagination when creating their glitter clouds. They could draw pictures, write about their favorite things, or include images of loved ones. Glitter clouds are easy to make and can be used to decorate your child’s room and as gifts for loved ones. This craft is best for children aged 4-8 years old. What you’ll need: - Paint - Sticky tape - Glitter - Paintbrush What to do: - First, have your child paint their clouds. - Then, have your child apply sticky tape to the bottom of their clouds. This will help the glitter stick to the clouds. - Finally, have your child add glitter to the clouds using the paintbrush.

Activities that help build foundational skills

While a lot of the activities in this list are focused on helping kids get creative and learn new skills, it’s also important to consider how these skills could help your child in the future. For example, learning how to sew means your child will be able to mend their own clothes, which is a skill many employers look for in job candidates. Similarly, experimenting with slime helps kids understand the basic properties of acids and alkaline solutions. By getting your child to try making these activities, you’re not only helping them have fun, but you’re also helping them develop skills that will help them succeed in life. These activities can also help your child develop problem-solving skills, as well as a curiosity for how the world works. These traits are essential in helping your child grow as a person and become the person they want to be.

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The best way to inspire creativity and encourage the use of hands is through craft. It's this activity that makes us remember the joy of being creative. You can bring joy to kids , share some quality time and get your craft on !

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