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5 Amazing Wildlife Experiences For Kids In Australia!

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Australia has some amazing wildlife, so in this family blog we explore 5 Amazing Wildlife Experiences For Kids In Australia! Time to get WILD!

Australia has some incredible and unique wildlife all across the country. In fact, some of the wildlife found in this amazing country can't be found anywhere else in the world!

In this family blog, we explore 5 Amazing Wildlife Experiences For Kids In Australia that you can enjoy, that will marvel, amaze, and leave you with memories that will never be forgotten!

Main Image Credit: Phillip Island Nature Parks

1. Swimming with Whale Sharks, Western Australia

You may see the word "sharks", but don't be scared because we're not talking about Great Whites or Tiger Sharks. We're talking about the incredibly beautiful and completely harmless whale sharks!

Each year along the famous Ningaloo Reef, the world’s biggest fish congregate. Yes, of course we're talking about the stunning and spotted whale sharks! These massive (and as we said, completely harmless) creatures can grow up to 12 metres long. Just imagine seeing that in the water!

Why Ningaloo Reef? Well, it's actually one of the only places on the entire planet where they regularly aggregate in large numbers!

There are a number of companies that will give you the chance to snorkel with these gentle giants. It really is the opportunity of a lifetime. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the full day whale shark swim eco-tours. These operate out of both Exmouth and Coral Bay on most days within the March-August season.

Whale sharks are slow moving, docile creatures. They also spend the majority of their time right up on the surface of the water so you only need to just be a confident swimmer in order to participate in these amazing tours. No SCUBA, no diving - just snorkelling!

The Ningaloo's whale shark season generally runs from March to August, however, the season can often stretch through September or even October. All it takes it a visit Exmouth or Coral Bay to enjoy this true bucket list thrill!

Image Credit & Content: Western Australia

2. Phillip Island Nature Parks, Victoria

What's wonderful about a visit to Phillip Island Nature Parks is that your visit contributs directly to their ecotourism attractions which fund the vital research, conservation and education work they they do!

In fact, their staff care for over 1,805 hectares of beaches, and bushland as well as wetland reserves on the beautiful Phillip Island, so when you visit you'll really be in for a treat. But why is Phillip Island Nature Parks on our 5 Amazing Wildlife Experiences list? 

Well, the penguins of course! (but keep reading, because there are plenty of other wildlife experiences for you to enjoy too!)

The Phillip Island penguins are famous all around the world. This is because Phillip Island is home to the largest Little Penguin colony in the entire world!

At this magical part of Australia, you can experience the magic of watching the amazing penguins waddle home from the ocean right to their burrows from their viewing platforms and bowardwalks - at any night of the year!

To enjoy the famous Penguin Parade, it's just a 90 minutes drive from Melbourne, then 20 minutes from the bridge to Phillip Island.

In addition to the Penguin Parade also at Phillip Island Nature Parks is the Koala Conservation Reserve, the captivating Churchill Island, as well as the chance to enjoy a Seal Cruise!

Phillip Island Nature Parks have partnered with Wildlife Coast Cruises to bring you the chance to enjoy a spectacular 2-hour coastal cruise where you can visit one of Australia's largest colony of Fur Seals - at Seal Rocks just off Phillip Island!

Image Credit & Content: Phillip Island Nature Parks

3. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

There are certain parts of Australia that really will just blow you away with its beauty, and Kangaroo Island is certainly one of those places.

Kangaroo Island, situated off the southern coast of Australia near Adelaide, is one of the world's great nature-based destinations.  It's an island with 509km of Coastline plus 155km from the East Coast right across to the West Coast.

Within the boundary of the ocean, you'll find incredible native bushland, some incredible wildlife, plenty of adventure & lot of exploring waiting for you!

Kangaroo Island is where pristine beaches, local wines (for the parents!) & sunsets are right on your doorstep. You'll need longer than you think for a visit here!

Kangaroo Island is notoriously known around the world for its abundant and beautiful wildlife. However, finding some of the more reclusive residents may require a little local knowledge (which could also be part of your adventure!)

To guarantee sightings, it's a good idea to book yourself on one of Kangaroo Island's many wildlife tours.

Due to its isolation from mainland Australia, Kangaroo Island has suffered less from the impact of European settlement. As a result the local animal populations have thrived. It's for this reason that the protection of the wildlife on Kangaroo Island is vital for the regional economy.

Kangaroo Island has over 24 protected areas, as well as 19 National Parks and Conservation Parks and if that wasn't enough, Kangaroo Island has 5 Wilderness Protection Areas, making the island a sanctuary for many animals, birds and plant life.

You can visit the award-winning Seal Bay where a boardwalk meaders through the dunes where the iconic seal lion colony can be found.

Then you have Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the most reliable wildlife viewing areas on the island. Here you'll find koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidna, goanna, plus over 40 other species of birds!

Don't miss driving through Flinders Chase National Park either!

Image Credit & Content: Kangaroo Island

4. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territories

Kakadu National Park is a remarkable world-heritage region, with Indigenous people bringing 65,000 years of Ancestral knowledge along with centuries-old rock art, dramatic scenery and beautiful and unique wildlife to create a truly memorable experience.

The park's natural formations can't be found anywhere else in the entire world, and it's these natural formations and wildlife habitation areas that have contributed to the region also being listed as a UNESCO world heritage site! 

Luckily for you, Kakadu Tourism offers a number of inspirational tours all year round, so you can see the best that the region has to offer, AND make sure you see as much of the wildlife as you can! There is always something to see and do, and you can extend your stay with hotels, glamping and camping if you want to make more of the adventure.

We know it's wildlife you're interested in, so let's tell you all about what you can find in Kakadu National Park! 

If you don't know already, one od the main wildlife attractions that people visit Kakadu National Park for are the crocodiles - and there are two species within the park made famous by "Crocodile Dundee" (we all remember that iconic movie!)

The two species are the small freshwater and the large (and more famous) salt water. These reptiles are the apex predators within the park, and you can visit them in the billabongs and see them with your very own eyes!

But beyond the famous crocodiles, also within the park you can find 117 reptilian species, as well as snakes and turtles. Outside of the water, you can also see Goanna's along the roads and rivers, and even small dragon lizards and skinks scurrying around.

For those keen eagle eyed kids in the family, see if you can spot the dramatic frilled-necked lizard. It's the eye candy for reptile enthusiasts!

Other wildlife you might spot on your northern adventure are marsupials such as Wallaby’s and Wallaroos, and even Quolls and Bandicoots. Don't forget to look up as you might be able to see some of the hundred bird species that call the region home. In fact, within the park you'll find nearly a third of Australia’s birds’ species! Catching a glimpse of these creatures won’t be hard as long as you properly plan.

So, when to go? The wet season offers rich landscapes teeming with wildlife, as well as flowing streams and dramatic waterfalls. It's worth noting that during this time, some areas may be inaccessible by road but the destination still offers a range of activities that will ensure you have a memorable experience.

The dry season is at its peak from June to the end of September, while the shoulder seasons falls between March - May then October - November . This time of the year offer a combination of beautiful scenery along with pleasant climatic conditions.

Ideally three days are required for a trip here, although seven days or more will really reward you with an experience that you will never forget! 

Image Credit & Content: Kakadu Tourism

5. See the Camels in Uluru, Northern Territories

Did you know that there are actually camels in Australia? Yep, and you can find them in the stunning Uluru!

Camels had actually been the main form of transportation to get across the Australian deserts long before a railway was introduced. When the railway arrived, there was no use for the camels anymore and they were just left to roam the Outback - and they continue to thrive to this day!

Companies such as Uluru Camel Tours give you the perfect way to see these stunning creatures, giving you the ultimate camel adventure. They also happen to be the largest camel farm in the country, and home to over 60 beautiful camels!

As you ride these beautiful creatures, you can also be inspired by the stunning surrounds of Uluru as well as Kata Tjuta, as you ride along the sand dunes.

Not only that, during your ride you can learn all about the 130 years of history that surround the camels as well as the Afghan cameleers who played a pivotal role in opening up the outback!

From an express 90 minute tour to a 2.5 hour sunset experience, you can find the right tour for you. Aftre all, the Outback is HUGE so make sure you see the region and the wildlife the right, and safe, way!

Are you ready to see Uluru like you've never seen it before?

Image Credit & Content: Uluru Camel Tours

So what do you think of our 5 Amazing Wildlife Experiences For Kids In Australia? Have you seen any of our list yourselves? Did we miss any that YOU feel we should have included? Let us know in the comments!

Until then, enjoy those WILD days out in Australia we know you will love! Australia has some of the most beautiful and stunning wildlife in the entire planet, so enjoy those adventures and don't forget to take those cameras!

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