Tumbleweed Ranch

Chandler, AZ

Where are we going?

Tumbleweed Ranch
2550 S McQueen Rd
AZ 85286


What is there to do?

If you want kids to learn about history, there's really no better way than to have them actually experience it first hand!

Tumbleweed Ranch is a great collection of historic homes, as well as farm equipment and historic buildings. It's history come to life in Chandler!

There is so much history in every city, and often you don't realize it. But in Chandler, there is a rich history that you can learn about, and have a great time too.

As you walk around Tumbleweed Ranch, you can learn all about the agricultural past of the city, as well as discovering how the early farmers in the area lived. Kids can see all about how they used to operated their farms in a desert environment too - something that was often quite challenging!

The ranch is developing four areas of learning - home life, crop farming, livestock industries and early settler experiences.

There are two fascinating historic homes too - The McCroskey House and the Edwards House. These homes, representative of how people lives in the early 1900s, really is a great way to learn about the home life, the lifestyle, but also put faces to names of the people who lived there.

Who said history has to be boring and learnt through reading books? Tumbleweed Ranch lets you breathe history, see history, and feel history!

And THAT sounds like a pretty cool history lesson to us!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free as far as we can tell!

Children: Free as far as we can tell!


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to discuss any assistance you might need


When can we go?

6am - 6pm daily.


Any top tips?

If you want tours of the houses, they are open for tours during special events

I’m Hungry!

It's always best to take bottled water with you, but just be mindful of any areas you can't take any liquids

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