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Address: 8020 Mall Parkway, Stonecrest, GA 30038 How do we get there? Number: (404) 793-2930
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The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest Stonecrest Aquarium offers hands-on encounters that let you connect with animals and wildlife from around the globe! Journey through the Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean, Mayan Jungle, and Pirate Island as SeaQuest creates an unforgettable experience with exciting exhibits and activities for families and children of all ages.

SeaQuest is home to a variety of spectacular ocean life. As you experience ocean life from around the globe, our large fresh and saltwater tanks showcase incredible species like the blacktip reef shark, caiman alligator, African clawed frog, sea turtles and so much more! You can even snorkel with stingrays, which is a fan-favorite attraction, available year round. SeaQuest provides everything you need; from the wetsuit, snorkeling gear, and, of course, fish of all colors and sizes. Come prepared to make a splash and have fun! You can also enjoy a magical visit with the birds in our aviary, which is truly an extraordinary experience. With their beautiful calls and impressive flying skills, you can observe the variety of birds flutter all around you, a sight your whole family will enjoy. You can also feed the lovable feathered creatures, they are always looking to make new friends… at least friends with a handful of bird seed treats!

SeaQuest offers a number of exciting animal encounters, so you’ll want to book your tickets and reservations ahead of time. Interactions can fill up fast, and you’ll want to secure a spot before you arrive. Our Guest Ambassador team is available online or via phone to assist with advanced reservations for any of the animal attractions you are interested in. 

When you arrive at SeaQuest Stonecrest, you’ll be greeted by one of our Animal Whisperers. They will guide you through a variety of options for the enhanced interactions available on site. You’ll then make your way through all of the different ecosystems, connecting and learning through interactive exhibits and encounters. Don’t be surprised if you spend up to three hours on the whole adventure! With so much to see and do, SeaQuest gives an up close and an unforgettable quest for all visitors!

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Take I-20 to Exit Turner Hill Rd. We are located in the Stonecrest Mall. You will want to park in the 1B parking lot. The outside entrance is adjacent to Lisa Young Clothing Store. Inside we are located across from Foot Locker.

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SeaQuest Stonecrest FAQ’s

Feeding tokens are used for feeding and interacting with our animals! Though not a required purchase, they will elevate your experience to a whole different level. One token is equal to one cup of food. We offer various token packages and recommend purchasing at least 10-16 tokens per visit. Feeding Tokens never expire. They are good any time, any day!

A snack bar is available for small refreshments.

Interested in an Animal Encounter or Experience?
Advanced reservations are required for the interactions and experiences. Participants should plan to arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to their scheduled time and check-in at the Admissions counter. Tardiness may cut into the allotted interaction time, so don’t be late!

There is a souvenir shop to buy small memorabelia.

SeaQuest Stonecrest places a strong value on education! Our mission at SeaQuest is to connect students with animals from around the world! From this connective experience, we magnify our intrinsic desire to educate youth and adults alike about these amazing animals and the environments and habitats that they come from. Through this education, we raise awareness of the need to protect and preserve all animals and the places that they come from.

SeaQuest Stonecrest offers Field Trips (Guided or Unguided) and Science Labs! Here we begin to immerse students into the world that we inhabit and inspire a young generation of learners, explorers, and conservationists by providing an interactive experience with live animals from around the globe. This experience can continue to be enhanced with hands-on age and grade level adapted, scientific activities. As well, we value and appreciate the hard work and dedication of all teachers! SeaQuest is pleased to offer free admission to certified teachers and their families at ANY TIME, simply present your school ID badge at Guest Services.

Animal Exhibits do vary by location so we recommend contacting a SeaQuest near you to learn more about what that location offers. However, in most facilities featured exhibits include:
Asian Small-Clawed Otters
Eels, coral, tropical fish, and other marine animals
Reptiles (including Pythons and other Lizards)
Birds/Aviaries (including Kookaburra and Parakeets)

What to Expect When You Arrive at SeaQuest:

Are you ready for an exciting journey around the planet? Here at SeaQuest, we have over 20,000 square feet of adventure where you are invited to touch, feed & interact with animals from five continents! Though your general admission passes don’t require a specific time of arrival, it is best to plan for at least 2 hours of visit time at SeaQuest.

Purchased Online Passes?
Bring a printed copy of your purchase receipt or have your receipt email on your phone ready to show at the Admissions counter.

Purchasing In-Store?
An Animal Whisperer at the Admissions counter will be happy to help with your purchase options and discuss a variety of special packages that are available for you and your group of guests

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