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Art is amazing - and there is never a wrong piece of art! Plymouth Arts Center is a great way to spend the day surrounded by culture and art, exposing kids to colors, lines and techniques that they may never have seen before.

It also is a great way to show them that there is no right or wrong when it comes to art! it's all about what's inside.  The mission of the Plymouth Arts Center is to enrich the community through art, and give everyone an experience - so why not take advantage!

There are always art exhibits on, which change regularly, so you can also keep going back for more across the year! Each exhibit will cover an artist with their own unique style, so kids really will be able to compare styles - and hopefully be inspired to find their own!

The Plymouth Arts Center also have events on across the year, so keep checking back at what's on - you might be paining the town or witnessing some artists in real life - you never know!

Think the center is all about art? Nope! There are performances too in their theatre, and music events that you can enjoy.

Something just for the kids, there are children's workshops every now and then where they can enjoy snacks, and learn all about the class opportunities for school-age kids!

There are also classes which you can take where you can really learn and explore the world of art - parents, this goes for you too!

A creative, artistic, and educational family day out at Plymouth Arts Center!

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The museum is free, but they always love supporters or donors who can keep these amazing exhibits going (and the admission free!)

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Where is it at?


Located in Downtown Plymouth, you can find your art at 520 East Mill Street, Plymouth!

Teachers corner


Call them about getting the students down for a class or a visit!

Can I get one of those?


If you want your art experience to continue when you get home, check out the gift shop where you can get your own piece of art to take home just for you!

Need a little extra help?


Give them a call before you head out to see their access for those with disabilities.

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When can we go?


Gallery open 10am - 4pm Weekdays / Noon - 3pm Weekends

Closed Mondays and holidays

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